Women answer questions like this all day long.

  • Am I good enough?

  • Am I worth taking care of well?

  • Does my life really matter?

Our enemy wants us to slip into indifference and NOT care about ourselves and what we can offer because when we are healthy and strong and confident… we can change the world for the better for us and future generations. There are a lot of products on the market today to help you do that but most are not effective or safe or even tested for long term use.

Let’s learn how to support our body systems and hormones and how to take care of ourselves with products that’ll help instead of harm so we can do what we are here to do for others!


Young Living has products that touch every season of life… from pregnancy all the way through to mature adulthood. The products we use on and around us while we are pregnant effect the health of the eggs of the daughters we grow inside. This means that our choose literally effect our grandchildren. We deserve better, friends… and so do they! This matters!




There are pages and pages of supplements in the Young Living Product Guide. So… where should you begin?

Right here!

This is a standard day in the life. Start with one or two things and keep adding over time to make sure your body is getting the foundation nutrition it needs to help you be your best self.

Here are some tips on where to apply the oils…

Progessence Plus & Lady Sclaerol - Lower Abdomen

  • EndoFlex - Over Thyroid & Adrenals

  • Mister - Inner Ankles



Once you have been enjoying your daily protocol… check in with your body to see if you still need some targeted support.

Here are our favorite options for the most common needs of women outside of their foundation nutrition!


Lifestyle Tips

We know there are a hundred diets and programs out there screaming for your attention. But… most women just need good quality, REAL food to function well.

So consider slowly upgrading the things you’ve always bought (like meat, dairy and produce) with better options. Grass fed meat and dairy can be purchased at most grocery stores and farmers markets now and the organic produce section is right next to where you’ve been shopping!

Another easy upgrade is to use Young Living’s Einkorn products instead of store bought wheat products. Most wheat is made of extra chromosomes your body cannot process well and is sprayed with lots of harmful pesticides and herbicides in order to yield more crop. Our ancient Einkorn is low in gluten and contains about a dozen chromosomes… all of which work hard to keep your gut and brain healthy!



Self care is such a hot topic right now. We love the idea of soaking in fizzy bath bombs and massaging a dozen creams into our faces. BUT, friend. Most of these products contain harmful synthetic chemicals that not only wreak havoc on your hormones… they actually make you age faster.

Young Living offers several lines of safe, effective personal care products you will absolutely love. All of the good… none of the bad. Your skin is going to GLOW!

For normal hair and skin… we recommend the Orange Blossom line and the Lavender Shampoo.

For mature skin… we recommend the ART Skin Care line and the Lavender Copaiba Shampoo.

Both options offer luxurious products that’ll give you amazing results. Plus… the oils they contain love on your hormones and emotions and smell amazing!



The synthetic chemicals most manufactures add to make-up are just downright scary. They contain toxins that actually alter our DNA… which means they are taking us further away from the way God designed us in His image.

So many women on our team have fallen in love with it even though they had been disappointed by other lines of mineral based make-up. There are very few shades so don’t stress over finding the perfect one! It’s very buildable and provides incredibly weightless and natural coverage that actually makes your skin look better the more you use it. Just be sure to add the Misting Spray and a primer to your first order of foundation to get the best results.

Switching to Savvy Minerals reduces your daily toxin load significantly. It’s a huge ditch and switch opportunity!



Download our Three Month Plan Worksheet through the button below and get to work writing out the goals you have for yourself and your family! You’re going to have so much fun with this!

Build your wish list and break it down over the next three months so you stay within your budget. Add the items you want and need to your ER Orders to make sure you are paying the best price! It’s a FREE member upgrade that offers you so many benefits… including 10 to 25% back on all your purchases!

Keep this month’s freebie levels in mind as you build your orders, too. You don’t want to leave anything on the table!

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