Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Oils

Are you ready to learn how to jump start your libido and get toxic lubricants and fragrances out of your bedroom?! With just a few Young Living products… you can celebrate Valentine’s Day (or any day!) with a whole lot more love and excitement.




Did you know that petroleum based lubricants contain some of the most harmful toxins of any personal care product?! And… it’s far more harmful because of where we use them. AHEM.

So keep that toxic mess away from your body’s reproductive system and switch to Young Living’s V-6 instead. If you want to spice things up… here are some massage oils you can rub into your thighs and lower abdomen. Start at Level One and add to the intensity once you know how your skin and body reacts to the warming and cooling of the different oil blends!

  • Level One - Sensation or Relaxation Massage Oil

  • Level Two - Ortho Ease Massage Oil

  • Level Three - Ortho Sport Massage Oil



Young Living’s roll-ons are extra awesome because they come diluted and ready to use. It couldn’t be easier to benefit from these amazing blends and we suggest keeping one (or several) of the on your nightstand so you have what you need close by.

These are also a great way to manage stress… which is why so many of us suffer from low libido. Use them often and even wear them as a daily perfume to keep your emotions in a more healthy place so you’re open to more opportunities for intimacy!


bath salts

Adding oils to Epsom salts is a great way to use them! The Epsom salts gently detox our bodies (which will help your hormones stay more balanced naturally) and relaxes our muscles (because they give us magnesium).

If you often find yourself too tense to enjoy intimacy with your partner… a relaxing bath before bedtime may help! Take a few minutes to clear your mind, take care of yourself and breathe in the oils. You’ll be so glad you did.



Did you know that synthetic fragrances also have a negative effect on the health of our men?! They wreak havoc on their hormones which can lead to them experiencing more depression and fatigue. So skip the Macy’s cologne counter this year and upgrade to something much healthier. Here are some ideas that’ll make him smell great and get you excited when you see him.

  • Shutran

  • Hong Kuai

  • Cypress + Orange

  • Northern Lights Black Spruce + Goldenrod



This blend of Jasmine, Bergamot, Rose and Neroli is pure heaven. Feel free to swap the Jasmine for Ylang Ylang and the Rose for Geranium for a less pricey version or go all in for the real deal and split it with several friends! You’ll never step foot in Bath and Body Works for toxic synthetic fragrances or spend almost $100 on a bottle of designer perfume ever again.

Give yourself the gift of hormonal and emotional health instead, ladies! You deserve it… and these oils will help you stay more open to loving yourself and others well.

Vitassage Massager

This is one of Young Living’s most overlooked products… and it’s absolutely amazing! Imagine a device that can massage you with gentle vibrations while putting the perfect amount of essential oils into your skin. That’s what the Vitassage Massager does and it’s extra fun in the bedroom!

Fill up the vials with some diluted Ylang Ylang, Cypress and Orange and allow the device to do its work on your back, chest and legs. Not only will the aroma of these oils put you in the mood… they’ll also increase blood flow to those areas to increase the excitement.



Give some of these diffuser combos a try this Valentine’s Day! Fill up the diffuser at bedtime and allow the aroma to give you a loving, exciting atmosphere. The first three are designed to get you both in the mood and the last three are designed to reduce stress so you can focus on your time together.

  • 3 drops Idaho Blue Spruce + 2 drops Lavender + 2 drops Ylang Ylang

  • 4 drops Sensation + 2 drops Orange

  • 3 drops Clary Sage + 2 drops Cypress + 1 drop Grapefruit

  • 3 drops Joy + 2 drops Cypress + 2 drops Orange

  • 4 drops Clarity + 2 drops Orange

  • 3 drops Cypress + 2 drops Valor + 1 drops Lavender

We hope you enjoyed this class and that it encourages you to ditch and switch to safer, more effective options… even in your bedroom! This is a great way to encourage a spouse or partner to get on board with oils, too. They will benefit both of you and help you enjoy the level of intimacy you long to experience together!

If you want to learn more about this topic… we suggest getting Lucy Libido’s books! They’re packed full of tips and recipes to try to love on your love life! You can purchase them on Amazon from the links below.

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