Get Confident with your Starter Kit

Welcome to Young Living and the Frank and Valor team! We are so excited for you to begin your journey towards more wellness and freedom! The more you use your oils… the more mind blowing results you will experience and the more you will be inspired to ditch the toxins and add to your pile of good things! Look through the downloads and videos below to learn all you can to master your diffuser and eleven oils. You are going to love this!


  • Essential Oils are the health supporting liquids that are steam distilled or cold pressed from plants and fruits. 

  • Ideally, the plants are grown organically, harvested at proper times and distilled properly without a compromise in quality.

  • The FDA does not have strict enough regulations on labeling of essential oils.  Only 5% of what is in the bottle has to actually come from a plant for it to be labeled as 100% Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and the other ingredients do not have to be listed.  Those synthetic versions harm our bodies and they do not provide any real health benefits. 

  • Young Living is committed to offering the best essential oils in the world through it's Seed to Seal process.  Every oil and product goes through rigorous third party testing to ensure we are receiving oils and ingredients ONLY found in nature.  Nothing from Young Living will ever be adulterated or contaminated and you can have full confidence using their products on and around your family.


  • Every essential oil you choose to use is a synthetic chemical you are not using.

  • There are over 84,000 synthetic chemicals on the market today and only 250 of them have been tested for long term use on humans.

  • The EWG estimates that only 5 to 8% of the ingredients in personal care and household products are actually on the label.

  • The average American woman exposes herself to almost 200 harmful toxins before 9 AM everyday.

  • Hundreds of synthetic chemicals have been found in the umbilical chords of infants.

  • Over twenty hormone altering chemicals are often found in the bodies of teenage girls.

  • Cancer, thyroid disease, ADHD, depression, infertility, hormone imbalances, chronic pain, asthma, allergies and chronic skin issues are all on the rise in HUGE amounts... and they are all linked to the chemicals in the products we use every single day.

  • Coincidence? We don't think so. This matters, friends. We want to help you know better and do better... one step at a time.


  • YES! Real essential oils are intelligent and have access to our cells to support our health goals at the cellular level.

  • Consistency is key so keep them out in plain sight where you intend to use them throughout your day. Set yourself up for success!

  • Replacing products you are already using with DIY versions or ready to use versions from Young Living is a simple, safe, effective and almost mindless way to get synthetic chemicals out and more essential oils in everyday. We call this the ditch and switch!


This under four minute video will walk you through everything in your Starter Kit and it will give you ideas on how to use your oils all three ways right away! The only thing we forgot to mention here is the Thieves Cleaner sample! Simply pour its contents into a 16 ounce glass spray bottle and fill it up with water. And… done! You have a safe, effective cleaner for every surface in your home! (An updated video is coming soon!)

This video is shareable so click the button below to view it on YouTube. You can send this YouTube link to loved ones that want to know more about how a Starter Kit can meet needs in their lives, too!


Review these two graphics for a quick overview of how to use your Starter Kit to replace and upgrade what you reach for daily. If you want more detailed information… keep scrolling!


Look through these graphics for fifty ways you can use your Starter Kit oils! You can also download and print a PDF version to keep on hand or to share with others!

50 Starter Kit Uses - Graphics-04.jpg
50 Starter Kit Uses - Graphics-03.jpg


One of the easiest and most powerful ways to use your Starter Kit oils right away is to smell them. We have five senses - see, hear, taste, smell and touch. Of those five senses, only ONE of them has the ability to access our limbic system which is where emotions are stored and processed... and that is our sense of smell.

When you breathe in a high quality essential oil it opens up your amygdala which is the part of your brain that tells you to freak out about things you cannot control. Once it opens and receives the oils, they will work with it to help it process the emotions you feel in and around you in a healthier way. Exciting, right?! Let’s learn how to use oils aromatically so you can experience these benefits.

  • Direct Inhalation - Put a few drops into the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and cup them over your nose and mount while taking several deep breaths.

  • Healthy Huffing - Take the lid off your bottles, get the top close to your nose and breathe them in deeply.

  • DIY Diffusers - Put a few drops of oil onto cotton ball/pad or a wooden clothes pin and stick it to the vents in your car, home or office. Replace the oils every few days as they evaporate and lose their strength.

  • Diffuser Jewelry - There are several great options for bracelets, earrings and necklaces that are made of materials that absorb and hold oils like leather and lava rock. Visit our SHOP MUST HAVES section for some links to our favorite makers so you can purchase these beautiful options!

  • Diffuser - Using a diffuser does more than just cover odors and make your environment smell nice. When you diffuse oils… you are literally creating an atmosphere in your home, car or office that loves on everyone around you and makes life a little easier for them. What an amazing gift to give your family, friends and coworkers. Diffusing also clears the bacteria and allergens from the air in your environment. By diffusing, you are taking away the bad and adding in so much good. So keep them going all day and night and use them as a way to replace toxic candles and air fresheners!


This download will give you several diffuser blend ideas that use the eleven oils in your Starter Kit. It’s a great tool for a new member and it’ll get you experiencing your oils in a fun, easy way!


Every single one of the over 120 oils and blends have access to as a Young Living member is approved for use on our skin. This really speaks to the quality and care that goes into our Seed to Seal promise… and that shows up in every farm, plant, process, test and bottle.

We want to encourage you to use oils on your skin responsibility so let’s review a few basics so you are confident and excited about the freedom you have to use your oils this way!

  • DILUTION - It is a good idea to dilute the essential oils we are applying to our skin. Diluting oils does not make them less effective. It simply slows down the rate the essential oils are absorbed into our skin which reduces any risk of possible irritation.

  • HOW TO DILUTE - To dilute your essential oils, mix them with a fatty carrier oil. The V-6 Oil Complex from Young Living (Item #3031) is our favorite. It comes in an easy to use pump and it less greasy than other options. You can also use olive, coconut, avocado or jojoba oil. The easiest way to apply diluted oils topically is to put some carrier oil in the palm of your hand, add the essential oils on top and then apply it to your skin on the desired area.

  • READY TO GO - You can also create products using essential oils that are diluted with carrier options so they are always ready to use. Download our basic dilution chart for general use and suggested dilution rations for DIY products!

  • Safety

    • When in doubt... dilute! It’s never wrong to dilute.

    • Always dilute on children under the age of five.

    • Avoid using oils in your eyes and ears.

    • You cannot use too many oils but start slow and use more as you learn how your skin reacts.

    • Do not rinse your skin with water if it becomes irritated after applying oils. Instead, simply apply a small amount of carrier oil to the area to calm down the irritation.

Basic Dilution Chart-02.jpg

Basic DILUtion Chart & DILUTION FAQ

Curious about why diluting oils is so important and how many drops you should be adding to rollers, sprays and jars? This PDF download will help you with all that and more! 


This download will give you several roller combo ideas that use the eleven oils in your Starter Kit. Having rollers on hand and ready to use is a great, easy way to use your oils more often for things that are meaningful to you!

Starter Kit DIY Products-01.jpg


Use the oils in your Starter Kit and a few other pure, plant based ingredients to make some household and personal care products you may be purchasing at the store! These goodies make excellent and thoughtful gifts, too!


Did you notice that some of the bottles in your Starter Kit have colored labels and some have white labels? The white labels are our Vitality oils and they are labeled separately to show they are approved for ingestion. When you go to reorder Lemon that you want to use internally… just know that we cannot advise against the labeling but the product inside the 15 mL Lemon is the same as the product inside the 5 mL Lemon Vitality. The FDA just requires us to label them this way so we could keep ingestion as an option for our members! Here are some ways to use your oils internally.

  • Start slow! A drop in a large glass of water is all you need.

  • When adding oils you are ingesting to containers… never use plastic or Styrofoam. Oils are really effective at detoxing so they will break down those materials and the toxins in them will end up in your food or water. Instead… use glass, stainless steel or silicone!

  • Add oils to your NingXia Red. This is a great way to boost the already amazing benefits of that liquid supplement and to give your body more of the targeted support it needs. See the download below for some fun NingXia Red shots that use oils from your Starter Kit.

  • Add them to honey to use in tea! Create flavored salt and sugars with them to use for cooking! Use them in marinades, soups, sauces, desserts and smoothies! Oils never expire so they do not lose their potency and flavor like dried spices and herbs… plus they offer MANY more health benefits.

  • You can make your own supplements with oils by ordering some empty capsules (Item #3193) and filling them up with oils and carrier oil. See the download below for some capsule ideas!

  • If you want to get the oils into your cells quickly, try putting a drop directly underneath your tongue. It’ll give a strong sensation but you will feel the effects faster than any other method. (This is not a great idea for children because of the strength of the essential oils.)

As you start researching your oils, you may notice a lot of information that leads you to believe that ingesting oils is unsafe. To avoid any unnecessary worry… be sure you are always reading information that is specific to Young Living oils. We are truly in a league all our own and I would never (ever, ever) ingest any other brand. We have a commitment to never add any fillers or synthetic chemicals and we have testing from multiple third parties to prove that each batch contains nothing but plants… and plants should be safe to consume! HOWEVER. Follow your instincts. If you do not feel comfortable ingesting oils… don’t. You can still benefit from them greatly by applying them topically and breathing them in!


All of the goodies underneath the ten oils in the top of your Starter Kit are amazing and you don’t want to ignore them! Let’s break them down so you can master these items, too!

  • NingXia Red Packets - Get these in your fridge right away so they are cold when you are ready to give them a try! This liquid supplement packs a high antioxidant punch. Blueberries are around 3,500 on the ORAC scale. The main ingredient in NinXxia Red is wolfberries and they are around 30,000 on the ORAC scale. So, yes! You need this in your life. It fights cancer causing free radicals, provides energy, reduces menopausal and PMS symptoms, reduces joint and muscle discomfort, supports a healthy digestive system and encourages healthy brain function. It helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, cholesterol and blood pressure. It’s TOTALLY safe for pregnancy and nursing mamas and your kids can drink an ounce or two a day once they are old enough to drink juice! It’s for everyone and we know you will love it. You can order NingXia Red in packets or bottles. We highly recommend ordering a two pack right away so you can take it for two months. You will notice a difference in your overall wellness when you add this to your daily routine!

  • Thieves Cleaner Sample - Did you know that some people join Young Living just so they can have access to this cleaner?! It’s that good… and now you have enough to make a bottle for your home! Simply pour its contents into a 16 ounce glass spray bottle and fill it up with water. DONE! Use it on every single surface in your home and get rid of your cleaning bucket that is full of harmful synthetic chemicals. You don’t need them. You just need plants… and that is all that is in Thieves Cleaner! You will love how easy it is to create a healthier home for yourself, your kids and your pets. We want to encourage you to go ahead and order the refill (Item #3743) so you have it ready to go when your first bottle runs empty. It’s only $22.50 and it makes TWENTY bottles of cleaner making each around $1… such a good deal.

  • Roller Fitment - This roller topper is so handy! To use it… pop the lid and reducer cap off one of your essential oil bottles. Place the roller fitment on top lightly and then screw on the black lid. It’ll put the roller top in place and then it is ready to use! Our favorites to use this on from the Starter Kit are Stress Away (it makes a great perfume), PanAway (to roll on joints and muscles), Peppermint (to roll on forehead and belly), Lemon (to roll on stains and sticky stuff), Lavender (to roll over your skin and on toes for sleeping) and Frankincense (to roll alllllll over your face after washing).

  • Sample Bottles & Info Sheets - You are going to experience amazing things as you turn to your oils more and more… and people are going to notice that you look, feel and smell great. So Young Living gave you these goodies to help you share your oils with others! Put a few drops of an oil you know someone needs into one of the bottles and give it to them along with the cooresponding card. If you want to keep your oils to yourself (no judgement here… they’re amazing)… you can use these little bottles to keep your favorites in your purse!


Your membership gives you the ability to shop for the things you want and need to care for yourself, your family and your home with a generous 24% discount. As a member, you will have access to a catalog of over 600 products that are free of synthetic chemicals and packed full of essential oils. It’s none of the bad… and all of the good. Here are some of the things you can buy from Young Living instead of the store!

  • Shampoo, Soap & Lotions

  • Luxurious Skin Care Products

  • Baby Care Products

  • Gorgeous Make-Up

  • Cleaners

  • Oral Care Products

  • Animal Care Products

  • Diffusers

  • Healthy Food & Protein Shake Options

  • Essential Oil Singles & Blends

  • Supplements

Be sure to upgrade your account with our FREE Essential Rewards program when you’re ready to order again. Essential Rewards allows you to order monthly within your budget so you can replace home and personal care products, try new things and replace the things you love most… all within your monthly budget. It is designed to help you walk towards the goals you have… one month at a time! It’s a powerful upgrade and it’s totally risk free. Try it for free months and cancel if you don’t love it. Through Essential Rewards, you will earn 10 to 25% back on your purchases, more freebies at certain order levels as well as faster and cheaper shipping. It’s your toxin-free easy button, friends. You’re going to love it.

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