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there are a lot of voices out there telling you how to rank up.

The only one that matters is yours.

Every one that reaches the rank of Silver does it differently. Writing yourself into someone else’s story is not going to work for you. The vision for Next Up… Silver is to encourage you to believe that everything you need to move your business forward is already inside of you right now. It just needs to be pulled out so the people around you benefit from the gift that you are to the world. Next Up… Silver will offer some gentle prompts and ways to connect with your potential, new and existing team members in ways that authentically meet needs and share your passion for people and Young Living. We will help you focus on keeping this simple and sustainable so you can reach the rank of Silver with grace and ease.


The average Silver earns $2,088 per month. (See Young Living’s IDS for more detailed information.) That income isn’t just a number, friends. That income means MORE OPPORTUNITIES. Maybe it replaces you or your spouse’s full time income. Maybe it helps you pay off debt. Maybe it helps you take more vacations to create more memories for your family. Maybe it helps you take care of an elderly parent. Maybe it helps you launch that ministry your heart has been aching over for years. Maybe it pays for your kids to go to college or for better quality food so you have more energy.

You may think you are living at your limit now… but there is so much more on the table for you. You deserve all that the rank of Silver can bring to you… and more! Because, Jesus! Hoping and wishing for all the good that is waiting for you on the other side of this rank is not a business plan so get plugged into Next Up… Silver and take a steps towards it every single day with other people that are committed to doing the same!


  • Daily Posts to Encourage Personal & Business Growth

  • Weekly < Five Minute LIVE Videos

  • Monthly Zoom Calls

  • Learning Units for Class Guides

  • Learning Unit for Compensation Plan

  • Community of Dedicated Business Builders

  • Monthly Growth Celebrations


  • Daily Action

  • Commitment to Your Dreams & Goals

  • Ownership of Your Business

  • Community Interaction

  • Genuine Excitement & Passion

  • Your Unique Gifts

  • Your Personal & Business Growth

What is NEXT UP… SILVER and what is the investment?

It's a Facebook group subscription that provides exclusive access to a community of like-minded people that are dedicated to building a successful business and daily encouragement for personal and business growth! Frank and Valor members are receiving a discounted rate of $15 per month for access. In August... we are opening it up to our cross-line friends for $25 per month.

Why does it cost money?

  • We value what we pay for, friends. We've put our heart and soul into various business focused groups before with little to no engagement so we know that free support and resources aren't valued at a level where they will be used to produce results. That $15 per month investment gives you a reason to show up and prioritize all that is being provided to help guide you to greater levels of success.

  • Investing $180 a year into something that is going to generate an average of $2,088 per month of income for the rest of your life is an incredible opportunity!

  • There is no risk. You can cancel your subscription anytime if find you aren’t engaging in the community or if your goals change!

  • Next Up… Silver is about $25 less per month than other business coaching groups. (Most average $40 per month.) And... please keep in mind that this is definitely not all profit for the group founders! Web hosting, payment processing and income taxes take a large portion of the revenue it generates. We are doing this because we want to create a community of people that are taking growing their businesses seriously. It's a game changer! You'll see.

Click the box below to join us!

We have a goal of celebrating TEN new Silvers in our group this year!

Are you going to be one of them?!