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Hello, there! Welcome to Young Living and the Frank and Valor team. Thank you for choosing to launch off into the Young Living lifestyle with us! As you turn to oils and oil infused products help instead of harm… you are going to have powerful testimonies and we are so excited for you!

Our website is packed full of resources to help you in your journey. Education is so important because most of us were not raised on essential oils so we have a lot to learn about what they can offer us and our families. Come back and visit this site a few times a week and read through the classes and resources. It’ll make your Young Living membership more valuable.

All our team exclusive education is available in the F&V Members Only section of our website at www.frankandvalor.com. The password is frankandvalor. We add new learning opportunities there often so stay plugged into our Hang Out on Facebook and your email inbox where we announce new classes and resources as they are made available!

This Member Basics class will teach you how to use your Starter Kit right away, the three ways you can use your oils, more about NingXia Red and our Thieves product line as well as how to order again and how to make the most of your membership.

Happy learning!



The oils and products you just received in your Starter Kit aren’t going to help you and your family from inside the box. So… grab it, open it and let’s go over three ways you can use it in under two minutes!

  • Fill your diffuser to the max line with water and add four drops of Thieves and two drops of Lemon. Turn it on and enjoy the aroma and clean air in your home!

  • Add one drop of Citrus Fresh to a GLASS of ice water. Enjoy the citrus and mint flavor and the positive energy it provides!

  • Put a drop of Lavender and Peace & Calming into the palm of your hand. Massage it gently into your chest and shoulders. Breathe deeply. Enjoy the relaxation!

Congratulations, friend…! You have used oils all three ways! Build on that knowledge and those experiences over time and you’ll begin turning to them first for everyday needs!



If you got a Premium Starter Kit that included two NingXia Red packets or if you got a NingXia Red Starter Kit that included two bottles and thirty packets… get your supply in the fridge right away! It is best enjoyed cold.

Drink one to two ounces of this amazing super-food supplement every day. You can enjoy it by itself right from the packets and bottles or over ice with some added oils. Copaiba, Frankincense and Lemon Vitality are member faves and add to the wellness benefits you’ll receive from NingXia Red.

Antioxidants are so important. They keep our cells healthy, our body systems running, prevent aging, reduce PMS and menopausal symptoms, reduce joint and muscle discomfort and support healthy blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. NingXia Red ranks at over 30,000 on the ORAC scale. For perspective… spinach ranks at around 1,200. So NingXia Red gives you a powerful opportunity to upgrade your wellness!

Everyone in your home can benefit from this supplement… even your dogs and your kids once they are old enough to drink juice! It’ll simplify the way you care for your family.

Click HERE to take our NingXia Red class online. It’ll teach you more about it and the best ways to order it again!



If one of your goals is to reduce the toxic load that effects you and your family everyday… our Thieves product line is your new easy button! Young Living has thought of everything and gives you the opportunity to replace so many household and personal care products with safe, effective, plant based and oil infused version.

You’re already washing your hands everyday… use Thieves Foaming Hand Soap instead. You’re already cleaning your counters everyday… use Thieves Household Cleaner instead. Don’t change your habits. Change your products. It’ll make a big difference in how often you and your family live above the wellness line!

If you got a Premium Starter Kit… swap that hand sanitizer in your purse for the Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier! It removes all the bad bacteria and keeps all the good so we stop creating super bugs that take us out. You’ll love the way it smells and how soft it makes your hands feel when you use it. Be sure to pour your packet of Thieves Cleaner into a sixteen ounce glass spray bottle (click HERE to purchase our fave) and fill it with water. Use this on EVERY surface in your home, office and vehicles! It’s safe for pets, children and the environment and it’ll replace everything that’s currently under your kitchen sink.

If you got a Thieves Starter Kit… you’re well on your way to having a toxin free home! Keep replacing products as you run out with versions from our Thieves product line and learn how to hack them to stretch them even further by clicking HERE to take our Power of Thieves online class!


Want a super quick run-down of all you can do with your Starter Kit oils?! This is one of our most popular resources and we hope it helps you get so excited about the tools that are now in your hand and homes!

The best is yet to come, friend. You’ve made an incredible investment with this purchase and it’s the beginning of something wonderful for you and those you love most.


These graphics review some of the ways to use the twelve oils and extra goodies you just received. Don’t think of these as adding habits to your life… think of them as replacing products in your life with better options! Instead of reaching for a sticky sticker cleaner… grab your Lemon! Instead of running to Walgreens when you have the sniffles… massage some Raven into your chest. Instead of using that expensive, toxic wrinkle cream… treat your face to some Frankincense. Instead of grabbing that third cup of coffee… huff some Peppermint. There are options here for everyday life because the Premium Starter Kit is so thoughtfully designed. So get your oils out where you’ll use them (kitchen counter, bathroom counter, office, nightstand, etc.) and have fun!

Starter Kit Guide-01.jpg
Starter Kit Guide-02.jpg


One of the easiest and most powerful ways to use your Starter Kit oils right away is to smell them. We have five senses - see, hear, taste, smell and touch. Of those five senses, only ONE of them has the ability to access our limbic system which is where emotions are stored and processed... and that is our sense of smell.

When you breathe in a high quality essential oil it opens up your amygdala which is the part of your brain that tells you to freak out about things you cannot control. Once it opens and receives the oils, they will work with it to help it process the emotions you feel in and around you in a healthier way. Exciting, right?! Let’s learn how to use oils aromatically so you can experience these benefits.

  • Direct Inhalation - Put a few drops into the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and cup them over your nose and mount while taking several deep breaths.

  • Healthy Huffing - Take the lid off your bottles, get the top close to your nose and breathe them in deeply.

  • DIY Diffusers - Put a few drops of oil onto cotton ball/pad or a wooden clothes pin and stick it to the vents in your car, home or office. Replace the oils every few days as they evaporate and lose their strength.

  • Diffuser Jewelry - There are several great options for bracelets, earrings and necklaces that are made of materials that absorb and hold oils like leather and lava rock. Click HERE for some links to our favorite makers so you can purchase these beautiful options!

  • Diffuser - Using a diffuser does more than just cover odors and make your environment smell nice. When you diffuse oils… you are literally creating an atmosphere in your home, car or office that loves on everyone around you and makes life a little easier for them. What an amazing gift to give your family, friends and coworkers. Diffusing also clears the yuckies and allergens from the air in your environment. By diffusing, you are taking away the bad and adding in so much good. So keep them going all day and night and use them as a way to replace toxic candles and air fresheners!

Starter Kit Diffuser Combos-01.jpg


Young Living offers us access to almost one hundred fifty different oils and blends… and you got the top twelve with your Premium Starter Kit!

There are lots of ways to combine those twelve to create incredible aromas and helpful atmospheres in your home. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


Every single one of the oils and blends have access to as a Young Living member is approved for use on our skin. This really speaks to the quality and care that goes into our Seed to Seal promise… and that shows up in every farm, plant, process, test and bottle.

We want to encourage you to use oils on your skin responsibility so let’s review a few basics so you are confident and excited about the freedom you have to use your oils this way!


It is a good idea to dilute the essential oils we are applying to our skin. Diluting oils does not make them less effective. It simply slows down the rate the essential oils are absorbed into our skin which reduces any risk of possible irritation.


To dilute your essential oils, mix them with a fatty carrier oil. The V-6 Oil Complex from Young Living (Item #3031) is our favorite. It comes in an easy to use pump and it less greasy than other options. You can also use olive, coconut, avocado or jojoba oil. The easiest way to apply diluted oils topically is to put some carrier oil in the palm of your hand, add the essential oils on top and then apply it to your skin on the desired area. We showed this technique in our five minute Premium Starter Kit video if you’d like to see it in action!


You can also create products using essential oils that are diluted with carrier options so they are always ready to use. Download our basic dilution chart for general use and suggested dilution rations for DIY products!


  • When in doubt... dilute! It’s never wrong to dilute.

  • Always dilute on children under the age of five.

  • Avoid getting oils into your eyes and do not put any oils inside your ears.

  • You cannot use too many oils but start slow. You will learn how your skin reacts and how your body detoxes as you use them.

  • Do not rinse your skin with water if it becomes irritated after applying oils. Instead, simply apply a small amount of carrier oil to the area to calm down the irritation.

  • Pay attention to photo-sensitivity notes on the oil bottles. There are several oils (mostly citrus ones) that should not be applied to the skin prior to direct sun exposure.

Basic Dilution Chart-02.jpg


If you are the type of person that likes to follow a recipe… this dilution chart will be helpful for you! It offers general dilution guidelines by age and type of bottle you’re using to create rollers, sprays and creams.

Allow this to give you some confidence as you dive more into your Premium Starter Kit! You can purchase our favorite bottles HERE.


Are you so excited to DIY some useful products using the oils in your Starter Kit? The recipes below will inspire you to launch off into some empowering fun!


One of the best way to use oils topically is in a roller bottle. They’re handy, cost effective and travel friendly… and are so empowering to have for your kids and in your purse when you need them.

Starter Kit DIY Products-01.jpg


Did you notice that some of the bottles in your Starter Kit have colored labels and some have white labels? The white labels are our Vitality oils and they are labeled separately to show they are approved for ingestion. When you go to reorder Lemon that you want to use internally… just know that we cannot advise against the labeling but the product inside the 15 mL Lemon is the same as the product inside the 5 mL Lemon Vitality. The FDA just requires us to label them this way so we could keep ingestion as an option for our members! Here are some ways to use your oils internally.

  • Start slow! A drop in a large glass of water is all you need.

  • When adding oils you are ingesting to containers… never use plastic or Styrofoam. Oils are really effective at detoxing so they will break down those materials and the toxins in them will end up in your food or water. Instead… use glass, stainless steel or silicone!

  • Add oils to your NingXia Red. This is a great way to boost the already amazing benefits of that liquid supplement and to give your body more of the targeted support it needs. See the download below for some fun NingXia Red shots that use oils from your Starter Kit.

  • Add them to honey to use in tea! Create flavored salt and sugars with them to use for cooking! Use them in marinades, soups, sauces, desserts and smoothies! Oils never expire so they do not lose their potency and flavor like dried spices and herbs… plus they offer MANY more health benefits.

  • You can make your own supplements with oils by ordering some empty capsules (Item #3193) and filling them up with oils and carrier oil. See the download below for some capsule ideas!

  • If you want to get the oils into your cells quickly, try putting a drop directly underneath your tongue. It’ll give a strong sensation but you will feel the effects faster than any other method. This is not a great idea for children because of the strength of the flavor.

As you start researching your oils, you may notice a lot of information that leads you to believe that ingesting oils is unsafe. To avoid any unnecessary worry… be sure you are always reading information that is specific to Young Living oils. We are truly in a league all our own and we would never (ever, ever) suggest ingesting any other brand. We have a commitment to never add any fillers or synthetic chemicals and we have testing from multiple third parties to prove that each batch contains nothing but plants… and plants should be safe to consume! However… if you are not comfortable ingesting oils then follow your instincts. You can still benefit greatly from breathing them in and using them on your skin.


Your membership gives you the ability to shop for the things you want and need to care for yourself, your family and your home with a generous 24% discount. As a member, you will have access to a catalog of over six hundred products that are free of synthetic chemicals and packed full of essential oils. It’s none of the bad… and all of the good. Here are some of the things you can buy from Young Living instead of the store!

There are two ways to order from Young Living as a member once you have a Starter Kit. Let’s talk about your options!


This option is available for occasional purchases. It is just like shopping anywhere else online (Amazon, Target, etc.). Once you log into your account at youngliving.com… all the products in Quick Order will reflect your member discount automatically. Just build your order, check out and wait for everything to arrive!

The Quick Order option offers freebies at the 190, 250, 300 and (sometimes) 400 PV levels but you do not earn points or cash back on your purchases you make with Quick Order. These freebies change monthly so click HERE to see what is available to you this month!


If you really want to make the most of your Young Living membership… Essential Rewards is how you will want to order again. It is a FREE member exclusive upgrade that is designed to help you embrace the Young Living lifestyle by reaching your goals over time and within your monthly budget. Did you know that 90% of members that do not join Essential Rewards within their first six months go inactive and lose their discount? We know you don’t want to waste your investment in a Starter Kit and Essential Rewards will make sure that doesn’t happen. That is why we are so passionate about this program! We don’t make more if you are ordering through Essential Rewards… you do!

Upgrading to Essential Rewards does NOT mean you are “doing the business” or that you have to share access to Young Living with anyone. It’s simply a decision to shop smarter for what you and your family need each month because of the added benefits you see in this graphic.

As an extra perk… all Frank and Valor Essential Rewards members exclusive education twice a month! Once you enroll in the program, you’ll receive an email on the 10th and 20th of every month with tips to help you become an ER Pro and ideas on how to use the freebies Young Living offers us.

You can upgrade your membership with Essential Rewards by calling Young Living with your first order and making the request or online in just a few minutes!

  • Log into your account at youngliving.com.

  • Click Essential Rewards.

  • Set up your first order. you’ll pick the products you want and need as well as your processing date and payment method.

  • Watch your PV total if you want freebies! Essential Rewards receive exclusive freebies at the 100 and 190 PV levels every month as well as all the Quick Order freebies at the 190, 250, 300 and (sometimes) 400 PV levels. Getting freebies grows your collection faster and often allow you to add other products when ones you want and need are free!

  • Wait for your order to arrive at your door!

  • Next month… change up your order! You’ll get email reminders from Young Living to help.

Questions? Ask your Enroller! Click HERE to see this month’s freebies!


Why are there singles and blends?

Single oils contain one plant species. Blends contain multiple single oils that come together to produce something amazing for your spiritual, emotional, mental, relational, financial and physical health.

What is the difference between Vitality oils and regular oils? Can I ingest the regular oils?

The Vitality oils are labeled for ingestion and the regular oils are labeled for aromatic and topical use. We cannot legally advise against the labeling but the product inside both is the same! Just do what you are comfortable doing.

Why can’t I add oils to plastic or styrofoam become taking internally?

Essential oils remove toxins really well. So if you put them in a plastic or styrofoam container the toxins in those materials will end up in your water. Stick to glass or stainless steel and you’ll be fine!

Does quality really matter?

Absolutely! The FDA does not strictly regulate essential oils and only 5% of plant material needs to be in the bottle for it to be labeled as 100% therapeutic grade essential oils. So… what else is in there?! They don’t have to tell us. Make sure you are picking a brand of oils that is committed to third party testing to prove what is inside the bottle and that has farms you can visit and experience for yourself. Learn more about Young Living’s quality promise HERE.

Can I use other brands of oils in my diffuser?

You can… but you will void the warranty and will risk exposing your family to synthetic chemicals. You will also need to use more drops for the same aromatic effect so you may not be saving money by using other brands!

Why are Young Living diffusers so special? Can’t I just use one from Amazon?

You can… but our diffusers come with a one year warranty, two oils and require far less drops than most diffusers because our ultrasonic plates are very powerful. This makes them a really good investment. Young Living also makes sure that the materials used to make our diffusers won’t break down when they come into contact with essential oils. This is important because you don’t want synthetic chemicals diffused into the air of your home!

Where can I learn more about what oils to use for specific diseases or health concerns?

We cannot educate in a way that would make health claims for essential oils that are not approved by the FDA. So equip yourself with good knowledge on these topics by investing in a Reference Guide. Click HERE to purchase our favorite one. When using the internet for research… be sure to look at information that is specific to Young Living. We are truly in a league all our own and you want to make sure the tips and advice you are turning to applies to you!

Navigating Virtual Office

Once you log into your account at youngliving.com you are in the Virtual Office! It is packed full of resources and ways to manage your membership. This five minute video will take you through and show you all the tips we have to make the most of all that is available here for you!


Only about two percent of our team’s members are actively pursing a legit business through the income opportunity Young Living offers. So you are actually in the overwhelming majority if you simply want to use and love your Young Living membership within the four walls of your home!

Once you start using oils, though… people closest to you will start asking you what you are doing to smell, look and feel so great. They will want what you have and you do not have to want to “do the business” to get something that’ll help them into their hands. So we want to make sure you know how easy it is to get a Starter Kit ordered for your mom, sister, best friend, neighbor and favorite coworker so they can start their journey and learn along side of you. We’re better together! Here is how to find their ordering link.

  • Log into your account at youngliving.com.

  • Click Member Resources.

  • Click Link Builder.

  • Copy and paste this link into a text, message or email. They will click it and follow the prompts to order their Starter Kit and any extra goodies they may want or need.

  • Young Living will send you a check for at least $50 for doing this AND you’ll feel awesome knowing you’ve helped someone you love so much gain access to life changing oils and products.

It’s wins all around. If this gets really exciting for you and you start to find yourself enjoying spreading the oily love more and more… click HERE to learn about the income opportunity and how you can make the most of Young Living’s compensation plan to cover your monthly orders, pay off debt, take more vacations, retire early, retire a spouse early, build your dream home, care for your parents well as they age or send your kids to college. Their compensation plan is the most generous of all network marketing companies (by over twelve percent) so the possibilities are only limited by what you decide you want. We are here to cheer you on and support you in whatever you decide!


You just completed our Member Basics class… yay! Our team’s vision is to be a group of positive people that are intentional about the products that cross the thresholds of our homes and that are excited about using our Young Living memberships in fun and easy ways!

We are thrilled to have you here as a part of that vision because you bring something special and unique to the table that blesses everyone around you. YOU ARE A GIFT, friend. Keep moving towards the things in your heart and allow the Young Living lifestyle to give you the wellness you need to make that happen. We are so excited for you!