Enjoy Fall More with Young Living

There is no better time than the fall to be an oiler! This is when we really get to experience the oils working at keeping us above the wellness line and the oils our bodies crave in the fall are so warm and cozy. This class is going to teach you how to use oils and Young Living products that’ll help you enjoy the season even more!

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POST #1 - Welcome!

We are so glad you are taking this class with us today! We hope it inspires you to use your oils in new, fun ways as we enter a wonderful new season!

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During our time together, we are going to learn different ways you an care for your home, yourself and your family during the fall. We will go over some cleaning tips and hacks, how you can thrive at work, how you can help your kids thrive at school, travel tips and gift ideas. We will end with some amazing diffuser combos and fall infused treats!

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POST #3 - Fall home care

October gives us 90 more days in the year so it is the perfect opportunity for a mini reset to push you towards your goals!

Here are some tips to get you started and some of the benefits of switching to Thieves products. You are going to love the results they provide, how they make your home smell and how they make you feel as you use them!

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POST #4 - Cleaning Hacks

Having products you can stretch is so powerful. This means you can get more for your money… and when you order these products through ER while earning freebies and cash back it’s so quick to see why Young Living is the best place to shop!

Our Thieves Household Cleaner is safe for all surfaces… vinyl, wood, laminate, tile, glass and granite. It’ll replace every single cleaner you use. You can even use it to clean your floors! For hard floors… add a capfull to a refillable or steam mom. For carpet… add a capfull or two to the reservoir of your shampoo machine! This matters because the pores on our feet are the largest on our bodies so whatever they touch is absorbed into our bodies very quickly. We do not want to be walking around on synthetic chemicals all day! You can also use the Thieves Household Cleaner on your deck/patio and in your vehicles!

POST #5 - More Cleaning Hacks

Using our Dishwasher Detergent as a scrub is awesome because that’s less products to purchase and think about having on hand. Yay!

This hack for our Foaming Hand Soaps makes safe, plant based options cheaper than the ones we used to get on sale at Bath & Body Works! The soap you choose to use is important. There is good bacteria on your hands that keeps your healthy and most soaps will get rid of it. Plants are intelligent… they know to get rid of the bad and leave the good. It’s a great ditch and switch opportunity!

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POST #6 - Fall Work Wellness

We know you don’t want to use your vacation time at home sick… so take some steps to stay above the wellness line! While you are at work you an be doing a few things to help your body function at its best. BONUS - It’s a great opportunity to share with those around you. Our members that work full time that are doing Young Living WITH their coworkers are thriving! We are better together!

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POST #7 - Fall Work Wellness

Wellness begins from the inside out… so make sure you’re eating some good nutrition along with those office donuts, friend. Stay well hydrated and take good quality supplements! NingXia Red is a great place to start because it contains more antioxidants than any over supplement on the market. It is ranked at over 30,000 on the ORAC scale… blueberries are just 2,500 and spinach is just 1,500! You cannot have a healthy immune system without a healthy gut so you need those probiotics! Life 9 gives you the best and just one a day goes a long way towards your wellness!

POST #8 - Fall School Wellness

It’s horrible to see your kids not feeling well… so making a few investments into their healthy is so important. Help them from the inside out! Sugar compromises our immune system so be mindful of how much they are eating. Artificial dyes contain synthetic chemicals that can alter their brains and make it harder for them to think, listen and behave well so limit their intake of those, too. This slide reviews some extra things you an do for them to give them the best shot at staying at school and thriving this year!

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POST #9 - Fall travel Tips

Traveling is a part of the holiday season for so many of us. It can wreak havoc on your immune system… but it doesn’t have to! Arm yourself with some great tools that’ll help. And, remember… your oils are portable! They can go in your carry-ons on planes and so can NingXia Red packets! So be sure to pack the ones you use most often so you can keep feeling your best even when you are away from home. If you travel with kids… it’s a great way to bring a sense of security with them. If you diffuse their regular nighttime blend in your hotel room or when staying with family they will sleep so much better!

POST #10 - Fall Personal Care Tips

Since there are ninety days left in the year… it’s also a great time to get focused on caring for yourself well again. You can do so much in the next ninety days to get you closer to where you want to be when it comes to looking good and feeling great. When you invest in good quality products that you know are safe it gives you so much motivation to keep doing other good things for yourself and your family. As we always say… keep adding to your pile of good things! Self care is a great place to start so as you run out of what you’re currently using, replace those products with options from Young Living. It’s none of the bad… and all of the good. We’ve taken over twenty-five years of research to perfect lotions, cleansers, shampoos, soaps and other products you will absolutely love!

POST #11 - Fall Gift Ideas

if you want to bless the people that make your everyday life great… there is no better way than with oils! They make the best gifts!

Young Living offers some really fun, thoughtful and practical options when it comes to gift giving. Plus… you can plan ahead and add these to your ER Orders and receive amazing benefits! You can bless your family with free products while you shop for other people!

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POST #12 - Fall Diffuser Combos

The EWG recently released a study claiming that burning a scented candle in your home for one hour releases the same amount of cancer and disease causing toxins as smoking one cigarette. I know we want our homes smelling nice… but that just isn’t worth it, friends. And… if you have a diffuser and oils you do not have to give up those warm and cozy fall vibes this year! You will be amazed at what REAL Cinnamon and Clove smell like and you’ll never, ever be tempted to go back to candles.

POST #13- Fall Infused Treats

Cooking with our Vitality oils is so much fun! They never expire and they offer much more flavor and health benefits than spices and herbs. Here are four of our favorite recipes that we know you’ll love!

POST #14 - Closing

We hope you enjoyed this class and learned some things! We want to encourage you to share this new knowledge with those you know and love! It’s way more fun to do this with your closest people and you’ll make a difference… because getting toxins out and oils in will help them live their best life!

Have a wonderful fall, friends!

Feel free to download and print this shopping list to make ordering the items we went over even easier!