Become an expert diffuser user

Why is diffusing so special and important?! It is an easy way to get dozens of harmful toxins out of your home. It’s also an economical way for everyone in your family to benefit from the support essential oils provide to our immune systems, moods and emotions, respiratory systems and brain function.

The toxins in the fragrances found in candles and air fresheners are the worst culprits and contributors to cancer, hormone disruptions, birth defects, ADD/ADHD, respiratory disease and skin irritations. They contribute to chronic dizziness, brain fog, headaches and nausea. Dozens of companies know how to market these synthetic fragrances… but we are smarter, right?! We are going to ask the right questions and know what to look for on labels… and we’re going to switch to diffusing essential oils grown in farms we can put our own feet in for a visit. AMEN.

This class is going to help you get confident with your diffuser by going over how to use and clean it and how to design your own diffuser combos! It is going to make you excited to ditch the synthetic fragrances for good by replacing those aromas with options that help instead of harm.

Let’s get learning!



In addition to the benefits you can read in this graphic… diffusing essential oils allows you to create any environment and atmosphere you desire in your home. Want to wake everyone up in the morning and have a positive start to the day? There’s a diffuser combo for that. Want to bless everyone with a welcoming environment as they arrive home from work and school? There’s a diffuser combo for that. Want to ease everyone into a good, deep sleep in the evenings? There’s a diffuser combo for that. Want to make your company feel warm and cozy while they are over for dinner? There’s a diffuser combo for that. Want to ease the grief of a friend who has suffered a great loss when she comes over for coffee and some girl talk? There’s a diffuser combo for that.

Essential oils have an amazing ability to bypass the blood brain barrier and access the limbic system in your brain. This system is where emotions are stored and processed. Once the oils are there, they will help you process emotions and trauma in a much healthier way. This is a benefit to you and everyone that is blessed enough to breathe them in, too. What a gift to offer those you love most while they are in your home!



  • All of diffusers from Young Living are so easy to use! Just fill up the reservoir with water, add some essential oils, cover and turn it on. Enjoy the benefits of the combo you pick for hours!

  • Be sure to clean them regularly by gently swabbing the ultrasonic plate with rubbing alcohol on a q-tip. Put some Lemon or Thieves Cleaner on a paper towel and wipe out the inside of the reservoir and then rinse it clean. This should be done about once a week!

  • Several of our diffusers contain a vent. Be sure to avoid getting any water into the vent.

  • Keep a decanter of water next to your diffuser along with the oils you diffuse most often. It’ll encourage you to use it much more if you aren’t making lots of trips to the sink.

  • If there is a combo you love and use often, create a large batch of it in a two ounce dropper bottle and keep it by your diffuser! This will make it easier to fill it up.

  • Our diffusers come with a one year warranty so be sure to call customer service to troubleshoot or order a replacement if you have any issues with operating yours!


Design your own Combos

Have you ever wondered how to come up with your own diffuser combo? This chart will serve a great starting point for you! While there is no right or wrong… there are definitely some tips here to help you create combos that smell great and that have emotionally balancing benefits.

Simply focus on a base, middle and top note. The top notes have the strongest aroma and the base notes have an aroma that will be the most grounding. Bridge the gap with an oil from the middle notes column and you’re on your way to a new favorite you can share with your loved ones and team!

Still feel stuck?!

  • There are a dozen Starter Kit diffuser combos HERE.

  • Look for “Young Living Diffuser Combos” on Pinterest for tons of inspiration.

  • See below for a few more ideas!

  • Start with an existing blend you love and stretch it with one of the less expensive singles that is already in the blend. For example… diffuse Thieves with extra Lemon!


Ready to get a second (or third or fourth) diffuser and want to know which one will be best for you? Check out this chart which showcases the features of our five most popular ones. They each offer different benefits and work well for different sized spaces.

If you want some specific ideas… here is what a typical whole house and office set-up could look like for you.

  • Lantern - Master Bedroom & Kitchen

  • Aria - Office

  • Rainstone - Living Room

  • Dew Drop - Kids’ Rooms & Bathroom

Got questions? Contact your Enroller for some help! They’re ready and thrilled to help you along in your journey.

And… HAPPY DIFFUSING! You are going to love making the most of your investment in a Starter Kit and the access you have to some incredible oils, personal care and home cleaning products!

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