Welcome to December with Young Living and the Frank and Valor community! 


December is all about oils that will bring love and warmth to your home this Christmas! At the 400 PV level you have the opportunity to scoop up a 15 mL bottle of our beloved Frankincense as well as the D. Gary Young book It’s a beautiful book, friends. You will love reading it and learning more about how Young Living started and why our oils are so precious. It’ll bring an even greater appreciation into your heart for the access you have to such incredible products! So stock up on what you love most, try some new things and replace the synthetic chemicals in your home while building your oil collection for FREE this month!

You can receive any or all of these once with your Essential Rewards (ER) order and you can get the non-ER exclusive goodies a second time with a 190 PV or more Quick Order! It's the smartest way to shop and build your collection for FREE!

Scroll down to the bottom of this page for some graphics that show you the uses and benefits of each freebie!

We hope this December Faves & Must Haves resource helps you as you prepare your ER and Quick Orders this month. Add a few of these to get to the 100, 190, 250, 300 or 400 PV freebie levels and enjoy knowing you're getting the stuff in your home that you really need this time of the year. Keep reading below to learn ways to use each of the products we recommend you scoop up in December!

Feel free to print this out for your classes and one-on-ones, too. Several of these are in our Starter Kits so it really showcases its value to potential members and it gives them some ideas for things they could add to customize their kit so they can get freebies right away!


  • Frankincense + Lavender + Tea Tree - Keep your skin moisturized, bright and smooth all winter long by mixing these three with coconut oil to make a lotion.

  • Cypress - Use this on your legs, feet and hands to maintain healthy circulation and to stay warm.

  • White Angelica - Apply this on your shoulders to help you focus on positive thoughts and people.

  • Christmas Spirit - Diffuse this all month long to set the mood for the holidays!

  • Lemon Vitality - Take this internally in a capsule or a glass of water for energy and to support a healthy metabolism.

  • Thieves - Diffuse this often to clean the air in your home and apply it to your feet and spines morning and night to stay above the wellness line all winter long.

  • DiGize - Massage this onto your belly before and after large holiday meals.

  • Raven - Massage this into your chest or diffuse it in the mornings to open your airways.

  • Breathe Again - Roll this over your sinus cavities throughout the day to maintain healthy breathing.

  • En-R-Gee - Use this on your wrists as a daily perfume and over your adrenals for energy and positive thoughts.


  • ART Skin Care Line - Treat your face and neck well this winter. Lack of hydration and nutrition during cold, dry months will speed up the aging process in your skin!

  • Rose Ointment & Animal Scents Ointment - Keep these on hand for trouble spots on your skin that are dry, cracked and red.

  • KidScents Lotion & Genesis Hand and Body Lotion - These are wonderful to use after a warm shower to keep your skin hydrated.

  • Savvy Lip Gloss - Pick a fun one for all your holiday parties! Enjoy the toxin free color and the Peppermint they contain!


  • Thieves Household Cleaner - Synthetic chemicals in your home will weaken your immune system. To stay well… switch everything you’re already using to Thieves Household Cleaner as you run out. One $22.50 bottle makes 20 to 30 bottles of 16 ounce multi-purpose cleaner!

  • Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier & Spray - Keep these in your purse and your kids back packs for hand and surface washing while on the go!


  • NingXia Red - This is a must have all year… but especially when our immune systems need extra support around the holidays. Click HERE to go through our online NingXia Red class to learn all the benefits of this amazing drink!

  • Super C Chewables - Gives your immune system some extra love with these great tasting chewables. Just take one a day!

  • ImmuPro - These chewables help you sleep… which gives your body a chance to rest and recover and wake up strong! They contain mushroom powder, wolfberry powder, essential oils and natural melatonin. Our kids take these when we travel, too!

  • NingXia Nitro - Need some extra energy for the full holiday schedule?! Nitros are your answer and they will replace your afternoon coffee or energy drink… without artificial dyes, flavors and the sugary crash.

  • Thieves Cough Drops - Stock up on these ASAP! They go out of stock often in December and January because they work so well.


Anthony and I purchased this Advent Calendar for all of you, Frank and Valor oilers. ❤️ We will be opening each drawer and giving away what is inside each day in December to give back to you for all you have done for our family... and to celebrate every victory you have experienced this year because you used, loved and shared your oils with genuine excitement and passion.

This fun starts on the first of December in the Hang Out on Facebook! 🙌❤️🌲 Be sure you are plugged into that team exclusive space by asking your Enroller to add you to the group. You won’t want to miss this Christmas fun and all the education the community gives you for your oily journey!

December Freebie Resources

These graphics show the compliant benefits and usage ideas for all of the freebies this month! Use them for your own reference and download them to share with others! They are sized perfectly for Instagram Stories which is a great way to educate your followers and friends on all they can do with these incredible bottles!

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