Welcome to January with Young Living and the Frank and Valor community! 



January is all about getting member favorites that’ll help you have a great start to 2019! At the 300 PV level you have the opportunity to scoop up almost $175 worth of freebies. It’s seriously the best way to shop, friends!

So stock up on what you love most, try some new things and replace the synthetic chemicals in your home while building your oil collection for FREE this month.

You can receive any or all of these once with your Essential Rewards (ER) order and you can get the non-ER exclusive goodies a second time with a 190 PV or more Quick Order!

Scroll down to the bottom of this page for some graphics that show you the uses and benefits for this month’s freebies!


In addition to some generous cash bonuses… you can receive this adorable magnetic oil rack this month for earning points with the Help Five program! Receive one point for…

  • Enrolling a new member with one of our four Premium Starter Kits.

  • Enrolling a new or existing member into Essential Rewards with a 50 PV or more order.

  • Reactivating an inactive member with a 50 PV or more order.

Once you reach five points… you’ll receive your gift.

Have questions?! Reach out to your Enroller for more details and to talk about how you can share Young Living with others in a way that is authentic to you!

January Freebie Resources

Below you will find some usage ideas, testimonies from some of our team’s top leaders and some helpful graphics you can download for yourself or share with others! They are sized perfectly for Instagram Stories which is a great way to educate your followers and friends on all they can do with these incredible bottles!

Jessica Lederer - Gold Leader

  • Digize is a go-to for digestive support when things don’t sit right!

  • I use Citrus Fresh-freshen the air in the boys bathroom! 🤣

  • We take Life 9 for gut health and immune system support.

  • I use PanAway as a refreshing and soothing body rub for pregnancy aches.

Whitney Russel - Executive Leader

  • We use DiGize everyday to stay regular! 

  • Life 9 is our go to for gut health!

  • Citrus Fresh smells so delicious diffused in the kitchen. 😍

  • I love PanAway for when the kids’ feet and legs feel stressed out from growing. 💪 Also great on hubby’s back and feet after a long day at a strenuous job!

Nina Backes - Gold Leader

  • I add two drops of DiGize to an eight ounce glass of water for tummy rumbles.

  • I love using Citrus Fresh on my dryer balls and it is a favorite of mine to diffuse!

  • I take Life everyday for gut health and to keep me regular.

  • PanAway is my go to when I have overdone it physically for soothing soreness.

Amy Rice - Executive Leader

  • I put DiGize in vegetable capsules when I know I’m going to eat something that by body may not react well to like pizza or and pop before my meal to ease the flow. (This is is my favorite device to intake vitamins… the homemade kind where you know what is in them and can customize to what your body needs!)

  • Citrus fresh is my fave to add to dryer balls for freshened laundry, towels, and kids sports or gym clothing! It’s also great to add to a cotton ball and pop in stinky shoes overnight or in the bottom of trash can.

  • Panaway has my joints jumping for joy after a run or workout or a long day on my legs. I have poor circulation and often feel rough in my legs and feet at the end of the day so this oil is a lifesaver!

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