Wellness 101

This class gives stats to show why using oils instead of harmful toxins is so important and reviews all four Starter Kits to help new members decide how they want to say YES to Young Living!

Spring Cleaning & Diffusing

You are going to absolutely love being an oiler in the spring! There are so many amazing diffuser combos you can enjoy that’ll bring all the fresh and life into your home… and help you ease into a new season with more wellness. Being a Young Living members also gives you an opportunity to TRULY spring clean your home! Is it really clean if it’s covered in synthetic chemicals?! Nope! But… you don’t have to compromise. You can get the results you want without having to overload your body with harmful toxins. Let’s learn together!



An option perk is included in your YL membership… sharing access to Young Living’s product with others to earn some income. Is sharing for you?

  • Do you love the products?

  • Do you wish you had known about them sooner?

  • Are there people in your life that would benefit from YL products?

  • Do you need extra income to cover your own monthly orders… or more?

Answering YES to any or all of these questions is a good sign that learning more about the income opportunity would be a good investment of your time!

The PowerPoint is a great resource to use for yourself or to share with your team at your own Business Meetings. It can be read word for word in about thirty minutes or you can use it as a strong framework and add in your own flair. There’s no wrong way to share this information!



We simplified and combined two of our most popular classes into one that goes over the most important things! You’ll learn how we get essential oils and why they work so well in our bodies and you’ll walk away from this class with a better understanding of how you use them for more emotional wellness!

The Power of Thieves

Are you ready to get toxins out of your home… the easy way?! Our incredible Thieves line makes that possible. This class reviews all the products, hacks to make stretch them and gives you tips on how to start the ditch and switch journey!


Learn the offensive and defensive moves you can use to keep your kids “in the game” all year long.

If you want to take the class online anytime… click the button below! You can also save each graphic and copy/paste the corresponding education to host your own online event for your team!


Did you know that the average American women exposes her body to over 200 harmful toxins before 9 AM everyday? We believe it is the reason we struggle so much with disease, hormone issues and depression… but the solution is so easy. Replace what you are currently using with safer, more effective options. This class will teach you all about the aging process, the care your skin type needs and will help you discover what Young Living beauty products are best for you!

If you want to take the class online anytime… click the button below! You can also save each graphic and copy/paste the corresponding education to host your own online event for your team!

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Our make-up line gives you the ability to achieve beautiful, natural, weightless coverage without all the harmful toxins that come with store bought or boutique style options. You will absolutely love how it makes you look and how it transforms your skin into a more flawless texture and tone the more you use it. This class teaches you how to prep your face for the best results… and all the little hacks we have learned that make application easy and effective.

Pregnancy & Postpartum

As a Young Living member, you have an amazing opportunity to surround yourself and your baby with products and a lifestyle that will help both of you thrive. This class will teach you several tips and make some good recommendations for oils and supplements you can use to have a happy and healthy pregnancy and labor and delivery. You will also learn how to prepare your body wel for conception as well as some basics for caring for your newborn naturally!


Why is diffusing so special and important?! It is an easy way to get dozens of harmful toxins out of your home. It’s also an economical way for everyone in your family to benefit from the support essential oils provide to our immune systems, moods and emotions, respiratory systems and brain function.

This class is going to help you get confident with your diffuser by going over how to use and clean it and how to design your own diffuser combos! It is going to make you excited to ditch the synthetic fragrances for good by replacing those aromas with options that help instead of harm.


Did you know that you can use oils in the bedroom… and that they can help you replace toxic lubricants and fragrances?!

This class will teach you about a handful of products you can keep on hand that’ll help your libido and make intimacy much more frequent and enjoyable.




Women answer questions like this all day long.

  • Am I good enough?

  • Am I worth taking care of well?

  • Does my life really matter?

Our enemy wants us to slip into indifference and NOT care about ourselves and what we can offer because when we are healthy and strong and confident… we can change the world for the better for us and future generations. There are a lot of products on the market today to help you do that but most are not effective or safe or even tested for long term use.

Let’s learn how to support our body systems and hormones and how to take care of ourselves with products that’ll help instead of harm so we can do what we are here to do for others!