Business Opportunity Resources


Our business builders are passionate about Young Living. We want financial freedom enough to push past excuses and we are committed to rising up and figuring out how to embrace the income opportunity in ways that are authentic and meaningful to us and our families!

2019 Frank and Valor Vision

  • 50% ER Participation

  • 160 PV Average Order

  • 4% of Team Actively Enrolling

  • 70% Rounding Up to D. Gary Young Foundation

  • 2,500 Members

  • 20 Silver Leaders

  • 3 Gold Leaders

  • 3 Platinum Leaders

Business Basics Training ModuleS

These five training modules are designed for those who are curious about the business opportunity Young Living offers and will take you through the basics of the business in twenty to thirty minutes. They don’t cover everything or answer every question… but we hope they help you launch off as you get clear about what you want, how you want to get there and who you want to work with to make it happen.

Income Disclosure Statement

This resource shows you the average hours worked and income earned by rank for the previuos year. It’s very inspirational and can help you determine which rank is going to be life changing for you… which will help you establish a powerful WHY. Keep this downloaded so you can distribute it to your team members, too. We are required by law to show it to anyone we are talking to about the business opportunity Young Living offers.

current month offers

Use our current month offers web page to help educate potential and existing members on the benefits and uses of each month’s freebies! Helping your team learn how to make the most of their Young Living membership is so rewarding. Being able to grow your oil collection for FREE is such a gift and we don’t want anyone we know and love leaving anything good on the table.

Wellness 101 Class Resources

These resources will help you share Young Living with others in a way that is meaningful to both you AND them! The PowerPoint can be shared through email, in a one-on-one at a coffee shop or a class setting in your home. The class notes handout helps them discover how the Starter Kit will fill their needs, the monthly freebies printable will show them how they can customize their kit with extra goodies to get freebies right away and the three month plan worksheet will guide them towards turning a Starter Kit investment into a lifestyle. Have fun sharing with these resources, friends… and make them your own if you’d like!


Be sure to visit our team exclusive classes module to find dozens of topical classes, worksheets and shopping lists! If you are choosing to grow your business with regular one-on-ones and classes… these resources will be very valuable to you! In order to grow… we highly recommend teaching an Intro to Young Living class at the beginning of every month and inviting your new and even more potential members to a topical class at the end of the month. This helps you leverage the compensation plan powerfully and gives your newest members an opportunity to learn more and invite those they know and love on the journey with them right away!


Download these graphics so you can share them on social media platforms. Use your own words and keep your target audience in mind when sharing so you can produce more of the fruit you want to experience!


OGV Tracker

Numerous studies have proved that watched numbers grow. This OGV Tracker will help you watch your numbers and the legs where you need growth to achieve new ranks.

Rank Maps

These rank maps will help guide you towards your next rank by keeping you focused on the three things that will help you grow! You can also use them as a resource to help others in your team rank up by encouraging them to channel their efforts into the people and activities that will benefit them most.


If you have several people joining at a class and don’t want to create a bottleneck with your computer… use these Enrollment Forms to gather their information and order. After your class, enter them into and send the new member an email with their log-in credentials so they can track their Starter Kit and order again!


Don’t let your fear of saying something wrong keep you from sharing Young Living with others! We can make any claims we want in a one-on-one setting but if you are teaching a group of two or more people or are posting about oils on social media… you want to make sure you are not making any health claims. Read through this document from Young Living to get confident with your words!


Have you ever wondered what you could be doing to move your business forward?! This resource will help you focus on the things that matter most each month so your efforts go into the activities and people that’ll help you produce the results you want. The Action Step Inspiration list is designed to help you love on your entire team and to help you work with those that are actively shared and building a business. Print one each month and schedule the tasks that speak to you and add some things that set your soul on fire!


These lightly branded resources can be printed at home on card stock or printed in bulk from VistaPrint on 5 x 7 matte postcards. Be sure to use the code ENJOY20 at checkout to save 20% on your order anytime!

If you don’t want to print them… simple save the graphics and use them in messages, emails and texts to your potential and existing members! You can even post them on social media to share the education with others!

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