When your Bottles are "Empty"

Have you guys seen this trick before?! It makes its way around the internet several times a year and I'm not sure I ever shared it here. So... here we go!

Simply remove the reducer cap from an almost empty bottle of oil and use this trick two different ways!

1 -The wooden toothpicks can act as little diffusers because they will wick up any drops of oil that are leftover in the bottle. Stick it anywhere in your home (or car) and enjoy the aroma for several days!

2 - Instead of popping mints or gum... use these as little chew sticks throughout the day! They're far healthier and work great. My personal faves are Peppermint Vitality (energy, fresh breath and to curb nausea) and Cinnamon Bark (immune system support and to reduce sugar cravings).

Enjoy knowing you're not wasting any of these precious oils! Every drop matters!