Using Young Living Oils for Kids

Kids Oils Line.jpg

Ok, moms and dads. I know there is a lot of information out there about using oils on your babes. Whether you are brand new or if you've been here with me since the beginning... you want to keep it simple. The goodies pictured below are ones we use most often on our kids. We love them because they're SO easy to use, cost effective and they touch most of our everyday lives. <3 Here's a quick overview.

Seedlings Diaper Rash Cream - Don't limit this to diaper rashes! Any dry, itchy, red skin conditions will benefit from this magical cream.

Copaiba - We use this for any kind of swelling that results from teething, bumps and bruises.

Lavender & Cedarwood - This is what we diffuse in the evenings and use to massage into their legs and feet before bed. Our kids sleep well and we owe it all to a solid routine and these two bottles!

This is where things get CRAZY easy, guys. The KidScents line. Don't know what oils to use for what?! THEY GOT YOU. They literally tell you on the label what to use them for and you just use a little common sense to know where to apply them. Get all in your head about diluting and safety?! THEY GOT YOU. They're pre-diluted and ready to be used right from the bottle for kids aged two and up.

KidScents Owie - We drop this right onto scrapes and ouchies! (I also use this as a daily perfume because it smells that good. 😂🙌

KidScents SniffleEase - When their noses start running... start putting this right on their chest and backs. You can also diffuse this while they sleep or add it to a warm bath so they fall asleep faster while they bodies fight off the yuckies.

KidScents TummyIze - This is like DiGize for kids. When they complain of an uncomfy belly... we massage a few drops in and it isn't long until they are back to normal.

KidScents GeneYus - As the name suggests... this is great for school and behavior. Think above the neck when applying this one. We roll it behind their ears and on their temples during school. You can pack this right in their backpacks so they can use it on their own!

Remember... empower your kids with these tools! Let them apply them on themselves and talk about what they're doing in their bodies when they use them. We're raising up little oilers... kids that care about what's on and around them. That passion is going to serve them well in life!