Using Thieves Spray on the Go!

I'm not a big germophobe but a recent study discovered that there was more disease causing bacteria on one square inch of a shopping cart than an entire public bathroom toilet seat. GROSS. It also discovered that over 50% of shopping carts carry e. coli... which means 💩💩💩, people. (I have no idea why washing your hands is just an option these days.)

Anyway... I always carry Thieves Spray in my purse and I spray down the entire cart before touching it and putting our babes inside. You can refill these handy bottles for less than $1 by using a tablespoon of Thieves Household Cleaner and filling it up with water. So easy... and so effective! We spend a lot of time in stores and we stay well. 🙌❤️🌱 Plants work!

Thieves spray.jpg