SURVIVE THE POLLEN POST #2 of 2 - Lavender + Lemon + Peppermint

We're wrapping up this mini series on surviving the pollen today with this trifecta! :D It's crazy popular... and there's a reason for that. It. Works. I know it's hard to believe but these three oils together work wonders to help us ease into the spring season feeling great. Here's how we use it in our home.

We put three drops of each in the diffuser and keep it going most of the day. It helps all of us to breathe it in and the aroma is so fresh and energizing! Win/Win.

I put ten drops of each into a 10 mL roller and fill it to the top with V-6. We roll it on our wrists, under our nose and on our temples several times a day.

Sometimes... you just need to take the trio internally. So I put two drops each of the Vitality versions of these plus Copaiba Vitality to enhance their effectiveness. A tiny bit of V-6 tops off the capsule and we take it with a big glass of water. Easy, peasy.

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