Survive the Pollen Post #1

SURVIVE THE POLLEN POST #1 of 2 - Lavender Under Nose Rose Ointment

The pollen, guys. It's starting. 💐💐💐

Have no fear, though! We've got Lavender and we've got Rose Ointment. I discovered this hack by accident out of pure desperation last year. When Anthony put a bunch of Rose Ointment under his nose before going outside... it seemed to prevent a lot of the pollen from bothering him by giving his nose a protective barrier. I added the Lavender because it's so great for easing into the spring season. And... viola! Our Lavender Under Nose Rose Ointment was born. 😂🙌🎉

It's SUPER simple to throw together. Just empty your jar of Rose Ointment into a small bowl, add ten drops of Lavender, mix it up and put it back in the jar. I keep a bit of purple washi tape on top so I know this is the under nose one.

Everyone always asks me if you can just use coconut oil. Of course you can! You can do whatever you want. :-P BUT... the Rose Ointment is extra thick and I think it works better at providing a protective barrier from the pollen.