Pre- Gym Fuel and Oils

Gym Pre-Fuel YL .jpg

My pre-gym fuel and oil up!

> Pure Protein Complete - This gives my body amino acids to support healthy muscles and 25 grams of protein to fill me up and support a healthy metabolism. My favorite part about this shake is how easy it is to make. Just two scoops of powder, eight ounces of water and a splash of milk. Add some ice and shake, shake, shake. It's breakfast in a minute!

> Lemon Vitality - I add a few drops to my ice water for energy and an easy detox.

> NingXia Red - Too many reasons to list here. I love how it makes me feel and it keeps me wanting to do more good things for myself.

> Peppermint - I put this on my hands to increase my grip strength so I can lift more weight and do more reps.

> AromaLife - I put this over my heart for motivation.

What are your workout crushing helpers?! ❤️