Oil Blends under $30

Having a good stock of oil blends is essential for a Young Living oiler! Blends give you the gift of benefiting from more expensive single oils that you may otherwise never order and they’re so easy to use. The name often clues you in on the support they offer (which is usually emotional, mental and spiritual) and they can be used aromatically and topically in these ways.

  • Diffuse four to six drops.

  • Diffuse three to four drops and mix it with a single oil it contains to stretch it further.

  • Add twenty drops to a 10 mL roller along with ten drops of a single oil it contains and fill it up with V-6 to use as a perfume. This will last you weeks!

  • Massage a drop over your heart throughout the day.

  • Massage a drop into your temples and on the back of your neck each morning.

  • Massage a drop into your scalp in the evenings before bed.

When in doubt… these emotional helpers are best used from the neck up. They have an amazing ability to access the center of our brains where emotions are stored in processed. These oils calm it down and help us to process emotions in a healthier way. So amazing, right?!

Here’s a list of ones I always keep on hand that are under $30.

  • Awaken - This blend is so special because it is actually a combination of five different blends! If you have been wanting to try lots of emotionally supporting oils… order this first. It’s less expensive and gives you a lot for your money!

  • Christmas Spirit - This blend is great all year round. It will give your home all the warm fuzzy vibes and will help you remember all the good parts of your childhood.

  • Citrus Fresh - So much fresh goodness in one little bottle. It’s a combination of several citrus oils and Spearmint and it is just lovely diffused in the mornings to help everyone start the day with energy and positivity.

  • En-R-Gee - The use is in the name! Diffuse this or use it as a perfume in the afternoons to get rid of that slump and to stay focused and energized. I think it smells even better when paired with Lime.

  • EndoFlex - I use this oily daily over my adrenal glands to help me manage stress.

  • Envision - This is a must have, friends! It’s actually under $20… making it an incredible gift for teachers, friends, etc. It helps you to be able to push past fears and insecurities to reach for the life you long for deeply.

  • Exodus II - This blend is a powerhouse for your immune system. It has incredible cleansing abilities when applied to the bottoms of your feet and can calm scattered thoughts when massaged into your scalp.

  • Family by Oola - We often diffuse this in the evenings during dinner time to help us focus on each other instead of the stresses of the day.

  • Field by Oola - If you want some inspiration for your career… use Field by Oola as your daily perfume!

  • Fitness by Oola - Are you struggling with keeping up with your fitness goals this year? Applying this to your feet in the morning will inspire you “get up and move”.

  • Friends by Oola - I like diffusing this during girls nights and when I am feeling alone. It helps to remind me of all the wonderful people in my life that love and support me.

  • Gentle Baby - If you have a baby… you need this blend. Our mamas of littles love massaging it onto their chests while they hold their infants to help soothe them. You can also dilute it and massage it into their feet before naps and bedtime.

  • Gratitude - This is a favorite of mine to use when I am feeling overwhelmed. It helps me to focus on all the good in my life and how God goes before me to prepare good things for our family to walk into freely!

  • Humility - Do you need a little help with more spiritual awareness? It takes getting our eyes off of ourselves and onto Jesus… and this blend always helps me do it.

  • Into the Future - This blend helps you create a calming environment when you take time to look ahead to your hopes and dreams! I love diffusing it at the beginning of a new year or month… anytime you want a fresh start.

  • JuvaFlex - For those nights when you have too many glasses of wine… apply this over your liver to help it process the alcohol more effectively! It’s also a must have for those of us that process more than normal toxins everyday like painters, hair stylists, etc.

  • Melrose - This blend is a must have for clear skin! We also keep it on hand to massage on the outside of our ears to avoid discomfort during the winter months.

  • Peace & Calming II - If you want the effects of Peace & Calming for around $10 less per bottle, you will love this blend. It is great diffused to made into a lotion to use in the evenings before bed.

  • Purification - This is what we all turn to to get rid of odors! A few drops on dryer balls or in your trash can works wonders and it is wonderful diffused after cooking fish or in basements and campers where damp smells can be overwhelming. Lots of our members massage it into their dogs fur after a bath to avoid the wet dog smell, too! You can even use this to make a room or fabric freshening spray.

  • RC - We diffuse this often during the winter months to keep our airways open. It makes a great chest rub when mixed with coconut oil, too! It’s less expensive than Raven so it’s a budget friendly favorite!

  • Sara - This is a powerhouse for releasing deep rooted emotional trauma.

  • Surrender - This is our son’s favorite blend and a favorite among many people with more intense, passionate personalities to help them release the need to control.

Which ones do you have and love? Which one are you ordering next? If you do not know where to begin… start with the one that speaks to you the most and keep adding to your collection. Be sure to order them through Essential Rewards for the best price AND to help you scoop up for freebies each month! If you haven’t upgraded your membership with this free program yet… reach out to your Enroller to learn how. It’s easy and can be done online in just a few minutes!