Laundry Room Ditch & Switch - Post #3 Dryer Balls


We are wrapping up our laundry room ditch and switch today!

Do you know which household product contains the most formaldehyde? Dryer sheets. :-P Why do we use them?! To scent and soften our clothes. Is there another option?! Heck yes! Wool dryer balls!

Simply put a drop or two of your favorite essential oils in three or four balls and throw them into the dryer with your clothes. They do everything dryer sheets do... except cause cancer, skin irritations, respiratory disorders and hormone disruptions. So, yeah. A bit of an upgrade, right?!

Here are a few extra tips...

  • If you still get static when using dryer balls, reduce your drying time! Sometimes over drying will cause static. You can also attach a safety pin to a few of the balls before throwing them into the dryer. But, hey. A little static is better than the side effects of dryer sheets, right?!

  • If you do multiple loads in a day there is no need to add oils every time! I usually do two drops each on four balls for three loads. This costs pennies if you use cheaper oils like Lemon, Lavender, Citrus Fresh, Lime, Orange, etc.

  • These make great gifts! Put four of them in a pretty bag with some Lavender to bless someone else with a toxin free option they'll love and use all the time.

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