Kidscents GeneYus Blend

The KidScents collection is our easy button, mamas! These bottles come diluted and ready to use for the five most common issues that are trying to drag our kids down from the wellness line. 

GeneYus is one we use daily in school. I put a roller fitment on top of the bottle and the kids roll it on their temples, wrists and on the back of their neck during our school time to help them focus and remember what they learn. If you don't homeschool... put it in your kid's back pack so they can use it at school during the day! Empowering them to care for themselves well so they experience a better life is a great gift. ❤️

PS - Some adults in our team that have trouble focusing use this, too! It's not just for kids. The oils in here are effective and safe for everyone!

GENEYUS Oil Blend.jpg