Kids Wellness Options with Young Living!

There's a literal ton of stuff you can do to give your kids the best shot at a happy, healthy life when you join Young Living. At our house... we keep it simple.

> 1 to 2 ounces of NingXia Red with a bowl of Einkorn Flakes and homemade granola for breakfast. ❤️🙌
> Thieves rolled on their feet and spine before they get dressed. 🌱
> KidScents GeneYus rolled on their temples and on the back of their neck before we start school. 🤓
> KidScents Mighty Pro with their easy, healthy lunch (or Chick-fil-A). 😂🙌
> Water. All the day long. 💪❤️

We build on this foundation if the kids are fighting certain physical or emotional obstacles but this routine is where we camp out everyday and they're experiencing incredible results!

PS - The ditch and switch is important, too. Do it monthly as you run out of things!

Kids Wellness Options.jpg