Healthy Hair with Lavender Shampoo & Cedarwood

Lavender & Cedarwood Shampoo.jpg

These two are perfect for each other. As soon as a new bottle of Lavender Shampoo arrives... I put 25 to 30 drops of Cedarwood in the bottle and give it a good shake. It promotes healthy hair growth and is so emotionally balancing. I love the way it smells with Lavender! Diluting it in ready-to-use everyday products really stretches the oil, too, and gives you a super easy way to use Cedarwood more often. 🙌❤️


> Want to give your hair some extra shine?! Add the same amount of Rosemary to your shampoo.
> Want to keep the dry flakes away?! Add the same amount of Tea Tree to your shampoo.
> And, yes! If you want all three... use all three! 🙌