Frank and Valor's 2019 Mission Statements and Vision

Hello, team! Ashley Sharp, here! I founded Frank and Valor four years ago and it has been a joyful, humbling journey full of incredible testimonies, new relationships, personal growth and so many valuable experiences. I am thankful that you clicked over and are taking the time to hear our hearts for you as we enter a new year together. Let’s launch off right away!

Frank and Valor Mission

We are a group of positive people that are intentional about the products that cross the thresholds of our homes and that are excited about using our Young Living memberships in fun and easy ways!

Your top leaders and I have prayed over our Mission Statements for the new year for several weeks now and we all feel a huge pull towards simplifying and getting back to basics in 2019. Having a Young Living membership is a powerful opportunity to bring so much good into our homes and we want to encourage all of you to make this journey fun and easy so you continue to show up for the reason you said YES to a Starter Kit. What does this mission look like? We love using our oils… smelling, rubbing and eating them all day long with confidence. We benefit from Essential Rewards… actively replacing things in our homes with products that help instead of harm. We are excited about using the things that make us look and feel great… and are empowered to talk to those we love most about what we are experiencing. Our community is positive, uplifting and encouraging and we support each other with grace and inspiration!

Business Mission

Our business builders are passionate about Young Living. We want financial freedom enough to push past excuses and we are committed to rising up and figuring out how to embrace the income opportunity in ways that are authentic and meaningful to us and our families!

Statistically… about two percent of Young Living members will reach the rank of Gold or above. The rank of Gold replaces a $68,000 per year income (see the Income Disclosure Statement for more info) which makes it one that opens up so many possibilities for members and families that choose to pursue it. Why do so few reach this rank? It’s hard work. Like so many, I worked twenty-five to thirty hours a week consistently for over four years to reach and secure this rank and most people will not choose and keep choosing that in the midst of an already full life. Because of that, I realized that these “two percenters” needed their own mission statement! One that would unite them and call them up to a level beyond casually sharing with those they love most. After hearing so many testimonies of women that have reached top ranks…. I realized something really powerful. Everyone gets there differently… but they all have the following three things in common.

  • They want it bad enough.

  • They commit to figuring it out.

  • They show up for it everyday.

  • They don’t quit.

Those are the people the business mission statement speaks to and I know that dozens of you are already in our team and are destined for great things like the rank of Gold and beyond. I pray that 2019 is the year that many more of you choose this mission so we can work intentionally together and enjoy bringing more opportunities into our lives and more people into Young Living to experience all the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and financial blessings this lifestyle has to offer them!

A vision is a little different than a mission. It speaks to specific results and includes goals and action steps to get there! The first few statistics below speak to those that are using, loving and casually sharing their Young Living memberships. If we are reaching these numbers monthly… we are fulfilling our Frank and Valor mission! The other statistics below speak to those choosing to be business builders. If we reach these numbers by the end of 2019… it shows us that those of you that say they really want to do the business are actually rising up, owning it and doing it!

2019 Vision

  • 50% ER Participation

  • 160 PV Average Order

  • 4% of Team Actively Enrolling

  • 70% Rounding Up to D. Gary Young Foundation

  • 2,500 Members

  • 20 Silver Leaders

  • 3 Gold Leaders

  • 3 Platinum Leaders

I could never do stuff this big this alone, friends… but together! Together we can do BIG things!

Let’s move on to action steps! In all honesty… what you get out of your Young Living membership and/or the business opportunity is entirely up to you and the choices you make daily. You are your answer! No one else has a responsibility to you to help you get your Starter Kit out of its box or to grow your teams… but it is my heart to give you some resources and opportunities you can use to cover the basics to get you launched off in the direction you want to go. Here is what you can expect to see from us as team-wide resources this year! YAY!

Oil & Product Education & Inspiration

  • 2 to 3 Blogs per Week

  • 3 to 4 Instagram Posts per Week (follow us @frank.and.valor)

  • Announcements on Frank & Valor Hang Out Facebook Group

  • Online Classes on Website

  • Five Days to Master your Starter Kit Training Module

  • Three Days to Embrace the YL Lifestyle Training Module

Business Opportunity Education & Inspiration

  • Monthly Star & Senior Star Features on Blog

  • Monthly Intro to the Business & Top Leader Interview Zoom Calls

  • Five Days of Business Basics Training Module

  • Executive + Facebook Group for Community & Accountability for Top Leaders

None of these resources will cover every topic or answer every question! That is the beauty of the way Young Living is structured. All roads cannot lead back to one person or one system… we need each other! So we hope that these opportunities will be a great starting point for you to continue your journey with your own research or with your active Enroller.

I am by no means disappearing in 2019, but I am reducing my Young Living work hours to four a week so I am freed up to pursue other desires of my heart and to be more present with my family as we embrace lots of new things. Please know that having an active upline that shows up for you in any way is a blessing so many Young Living members do not have. I hope that seeing me work less will help you see the power of residual income and how it is different than a paycheck. If it is something you want… you can hustle and work hard for a season and then embrace more rest, too. I am not special and it didn’t “just happen” for me! I just wanted it bad enough, committed to figuring it out, showed up for it everyday and didn’t quit. This freedom is for anyone that does the same in their own wonderful way!

Keep checking back in the Frank and Valor Hangout Facebook group where we will announce when these resources go live! Remember… you can use everything we make available to you for yourself or to share with others. It’s here to serve you as a resource and to make your life a little easier as you embrace whatever your heart is calling you towards this year.

I am so, so ready to have more fun with all of you this year and to work together to see results that show God off in big, wonderful ways. It’ll be our best year yet and I cannot wait to see what that means for all of us as it unfolds!