Day in the Life - April Freebies

Say hello to this month’s freebies! They’re SO GOOD and it is worth mentioning that the 400 PV tier is valued at almost $200. Woo hoo! This means that you are getting 50% of your investment this month back in freebies PLUS another 10 to 25% back in ER Points depending on how long you've been in the program. Sooooo we're basically getting paid to shop from YL!  It's better than any other credit card or store reward program out there. Not to mention that the products are safe and effective and our company does so much good for the world. This lifestyle is affordable for EVERYONE. Don't spend more. Spend better!

Let's look at how a day with these goodies could look for you and your family.

  • Wake up and get some Lemon and Vetiver in the diffuser. It'll help open your ears for intentional listening from Daddy God and your family so you can set the tone for an energetic, positive and purposeful day.

  • Rub two drops of Clary Sage on your lower abdomen to help reduce PMS and menopausal symptoms. PRAISE. You will enjoy the mild spring-like aroma, too!

  • Mix a drop of Goldenrod in your palm with a small amount of YL's 15 SPF sunscreen and massage into your face and chest before applying make-up. It makes a great primer for our Savvy Make-Up and helps to firm up and protect your skin!

  • Take Tangerine to work with you to keep the positive vibes going in your car and office by huffing it out of the bottle or diffusing it with Peppermint. 

  • Send your kids to school with a Lemon and Vetiver roller to help them focus and learn!

  • Split up the Lavender Bath Bombs into two or four pieces and drop one of those in a container of warm water for a relaxing foot soak after work.

  • Get Dream Catcher in the diffuser in the evenings to help everyone wind down and to bring the aromas of a blooming spring garden into your home.

Which ones are you scooping up this month?! How are you going to use them?! Please share your knowledge and excitement with all of us!