Animal Scents Ointment

If you've been hesitant to use essential oils on or around your pets... the AnimalScents Ointment is a great place to start because it's specifically designed for use on animals! It's a soothing, protective salve that contains only plant based ingredients and it gives you a great chance to replace what you're currently using for your pets' skin with something much safer for them!

Many of our members use this on their pets everyday. Here's three ideas!

> Massage some into their fur before they go outside to keep the pests away.
> Apply diluted oils to their skin and then layer some of this on top. This makes it harder for them to lick off the oils by creating a protective seal.
> Gently massage on to dry skin patches and minor cuts/scrapes to encourage faster, safer healing.

There's two ways to purchase this right now. You can get it by itself for just $24.75 (Item #5165) or you can purchase it with the Cheery Canine Set from the Holiday Catalog (Item #22920) for the same price and it includes a YL branded dog toy! Either way... the jar lasts forever. It's a good investment for your fur babies! ❤️