Tinted Moisturizer DIY in 10 Seconds!

Tinted Moisturizer.jpg

Did you know that you can DIY a tinted moisturizer you'll love in like ten seconds?! YUP. It's true!

Just put a tiny pump of either the ART Light Moisturizer (mature, dry skin) or the Orange Blossom Moisturizer (normal to oily skin) in the palm of your hand and tap out a bit of our Savvy Minerals Foundation on top. Rub your palms together to mix them and then massage it gently into your face and neck.

It'll give you a subtle coverage and will keep your skin hydrated all while improving it's texture and evening it's tone. Plus... it's completely toxin free so your babies can snuggle close and your love muffin can kiss it off all day and you won't have to worry. WIN. ❤️😘🙌

Starter Kit Tip: Panaway & Copaiba

Let's talk about some easy relief for tired, sore feet.

I'm not a huge bath person... but I love a good foot soak. My favorite right now is a mixture of PanAway and Copaiba. PanAway helps with occasional discomfort and Copaiba helps with occasional swelling. The two together are a powerhouse! They keep us feeling our best. 🙌❤️🌱


1 cup Unscented Epsom Salts
10 to 15 drops PanAway
10 to 15 drops Copaiba

Mix the ingredients well in a glass container and keep covered. Add about 1/4 cup of the mixture to a basin filled with hot water and soak feet for 15 to 20 minutes. Dry off and follow-up with some Lavender or Genesis Hand & Body Lotion to keep feet smooth and hydrated.

It really works! Enjoy!

Sore Feet Foot Soak.jpg

Animal Scents Ointment

If you've been hesitant to use essential oils on or around your pets... the AnimalScents Ointment is a great place to start because it's specifically designed for use on animals! It's a soothing, protective salve that contains only plant based ingredients and it gives you a great chance to replace what you're currently using for your pets' skin with something much safer for them!

Many of our members use this on their pets everyday. Here's three ideas!

> Massage some into their fur before they go outside to keep the pests away.
> Apply diluted oils to their skin and then layer some of this on top. This makes it harder for them to lick off the oils by creating a protective seal.
> Gently massage on to dry skin patches and minor cuts/scrapes to encourage faster, safer healing.

There's two ways to purchase this right now. You can get it by itself for just $24.75 (Item #5165) or you can purchase it with the Cheery Canine Set from the Holiday Catalog (Item #22920) for the same price and it includes a YL branded dog toy! Either way... the jar lasts forever. It's a good investment for your fur babies! ❤️


Starter Kit Tip: Raven & Frankincense

Raven & Frank Chest rub.jpg

This DIY is a must have all winter long for our family. It's a chest rub and it's so effective. Plus... it couldn't be easier to make or use. Yay! 

1/2 cup Coconut Oil
15 to 20 drops Raven
15 to 20 drops Frankincense

Put the ingredients in a small bowl and mix well. Store in a dark glass jar. Massage into the chest, back and on the bottoms of feet to encourage healthy breathing several times a day. ❤️🌱

Kidscents GeneYus Blend

The KidScents collection is our easy button, mamas! These bottles come diluted and ready to use for the five most common issues that are trying to drag our kids down from the wellness line. 

GeneYus is one we use daily in school. I put a roller fitment on top of the bottle and the kids roll it on their temples, wrists and on the back of their neck during our school time to help them focus and remember what they learn. If you don't homeschool... put it in your kid's back pack so they can use it at school during the day! Empowering them to care for themselves well so they experience a better life is a great gift. ❤️

PS - Some adults in our team that have trouble focusing use this, too! It's not just for kids. The oils in here are effective and safe for everyone!

GENEYUS Oil Blend.jpg

Starter Kit Tip: Thieves and Lemon Tea

Here's a quick Starter Kit tip for you to start your week! 🙌🌱

Add a drop each of Thieves and Lemon Vitality to a teaspoon of honey and stir into your morning cup of black tea. Both are wonderful immune system supporters when taken internally and are so soothing to the throat. It's a simple way to add to your wellness regimen during the winter months... and it's so yummy!

Thieves and lemon vitality tea.jpg

Using Thieves Spray on the Go!

I'm not a big germophobe but a recent study discovered that there was more disease causing bacteria on one square inch of a shopping cart than an entire public bathroom toilet seat. GROSS. It also discovered that over 50% of shopping carts carry e. coli... which means 💩💩💩, people. (I have no idea why washing your hands is just an option these days.)

Anyway... I always carry Thieves Spray in my purse and I spray down the entire cart before touching it and putting our babes inside. You can refill these handy bottles for less than $1 by using a tablespoon of Thieves Household Cleaner and filling it up with water. So easy... and so effective! We spend a lot of time in stores and we stay well. 🙌❤️🌱 Plants work!

Thieves spray.jpg

Bravery Spray for Kids

Sometimes our sweet girl needs some help believing there are no monsters under her bed at night. ❤️ I made this bravery spray to keep by her bed and she just adores it. She sprays it on her pillow and we pray together before she falls asleep. It's a great chance to remind her of the God that created her, loves her, sees her and keeps her safe! ❤️


10 drops Valor
10 drops Lavender
10 drops Cedarwood

Add the oils to a two ounce misting bottle along with a little salt or witch hazel and fill it up with distilled water. Use as needed.

PS - This would also be fantastic for kids that are scared to go to school or that need extra help for weekends away from home.

Bravery Spray!.jpg

Using a Carrier Oil: V-6

When it comes to carrier oils... I'll always and forever be Team V-6. 🙌❤️ The pump bottle couldn't be easier to use and it is much less greasy than coconut or olive oil. It also lasts FOREVER and the refill bottle is priced so well, its comparable to buy one get TWO free. Insaneeeeee. I recommend all our new members add this to their Starter Kit orders so they're equipped and empowered to use oils on everyone in their family right away!

Remember... it's never wrong to dilute your oils! So don't over think it. Diluting doesn't make them less effective. It just slows down their absorption into your skin. 😘

V-6 Carrier Oil.jpg

Cleaning Power of Lemon Essential Oil

There were FOUR price stickers on this vase (why?!) and Lemon handled them all like a champ. I peel off what I can, put a drop or two of Lemon on a papertowel and rub it over any remaining residue. It all comes right off and leaves it sparkling clean and smelling amazing.

I have yet to meet a sticky anything that can beat this yellow bottle of goodness. Gum. Stickers. Labels. Sauce. Paint. Tree Sap. Glue. Unidentified Toddler Goo. It does it all and I'm always so glad to have it in my toolbox! 🙌❤️🍋

Lemon Oil.jpg

Stretching Your Kidscents Shampoo & Body Wash

Kidscents Diluted.jpg

Here's a fun hack for those of you that want to stretch your KidScents Shampoo and Body Wash! This is such an important ditch and switch opportunity because being able to reduce the toxin overload on our kids allows their bodies to focus on staying healthy. It's worth it. 🙌❤️🌱

I ordered these foaming soap pumps from Amazon and fill them halfway up with shampoo and body wash and then the rest of the way up with distilled water. So. Easy. This hack makes the bottles last twice as long, makes the product more sudsy and it is a great way to limit how much product your kids go through because you can ask them to just use two pumps!

PS - I obviously shared this photo to show off my fancy labeling skills. 😂😂 The bottles may not be "social media worthy" for some. But dangit... we don't have to be perfect or have things perfect to share! ❤️😘

Kids Wellness Options with Young Living!

There's a literal ton of stuff you can do to give your kids the best shot at a happy, healthy life when you join Young Living. At our house... we keep it simple.

> 1 to 2 ounces of NingXia Red with a bowl of Einkorn Flakes and homemade granola for breakfast. ❤️🙌
> Thieves rolled on their feet and spine before they get dressed. 🌱
> KidScents GeneYus rolled on their temples and on the back of their neck before we start school. 🤓
> KidScents Mighty Pro with their easy, healthy lunch (or Chick-fil-A). 😂🙌
> Water. All the day long. 💪❤️

We build on this foundation if the kids are fighting certain physical or emotional obstacles but this routine is where we camp out everyday and they're experiencing incredible results!

PS - The ditch and switch is important, too. Do it monthly as you run out of things!

Kids Wellness Options.jpg

NEW Young Living Shower Steamers!

Shower Steamers Easy Breeze.jpg

Three bits of good news!

1 - The new Shower Steamers are EVERYTHING. Seriously. They turn a normal shower into a legit spa experience and you won't want to leave the bathroom. 🙌❤️🌱

2 - I tried cutting them in half... and IT WORKS. The aroma was still strong and it lasted my entire shower. This means you can use them twice as often or a bag will last you twice as long. Either way... you're winning!

3 - They're individually wrapped so one pack gives you gifts for four people... all of which will love you for the oily amazingness! Whoop!

Adrenal Support Using Essential Oils

If you often feel excessively tired... you may want to do some research on adrenal fatigue. Our adrenals are little glands located on the top of each kidney. They produce the hormone cortisol so our body can adapt to stress, maintain healthy weight and energy levels and respond well to injury and illness. Adrenal glands were designed to fire off cortisol in extremely stressful situations... like running from bears. Unfortunately, many of us live like we're running from bears ten times a day, so our adrenals are working overtime and they get really tired. When they get tired... they take a break and suddenly we are exhausted and struggling.

Enter... oils. 🙌🙌

EndoFlex is designed to remind our adrenals to do what they're designed to do even if they're tired. Pairing that blend with Nutmeg gives our adrenals extra attention and you can stretch both by adding twenty-five drops of each to a roller and filling it with a carrier oil. I roll this over my adrenals and thyroid several times a day and notice a huge difference in my energy levels, reduced sugar cravings and more balanced moods. Dozens on our team share a similar testimony!

Be sure to order these through Essential Rewards for the best price! It's a program that'll really encourage you to make this a lifestyle and not just a Starter Kit purchase! ❤️🌱

Adrenal Fatigue Roller.jpg

Healthy Hair with Lavender Shampoo & Cedarwood

Lavender & Cedarwood Shampoo.jpg

These two are perfect for each other. As soon as a new bottle of Lavender Shampoo arrives... I put 25 to 30 drops of Cedarwood in the bottle and give it a good shake. It promotes healthy hair growth and is so emotionally balancing. I love the way it smells with Lavender! Diluting it in ready-to-use everyday products really stretches the oil, too, and gives you a super easy way to use Cedarwood more often. 🙌❤️


> Want to give your hair some extra shine?! Add the same amount of Rosemary to your shampoo.
> Want to keep the dry flakes away?! Add the same amount of Tea Tree to your shampoo.
> And, yes! If you want all three... use all three! 🙌

Starter Kit Tips: Copaiba Vitality Oil

Copaiba Vitality Oil.jpg

Here's a quick Starter Kit tip for you!

When you think of swelling... think of Copaiba. It has an amazing ability to remind the body how to respond well to injury. It's been a life saver for me with my sprained ankle this past week!

It's mild so you don't need to dilute it. Just put a few drops in your hand and gently massage it into injured areas or sore muscles and joints! It works great on the jawline for teething babies with Lavender and it magnifies the oils you apply beneath it so it's a great one to add to PanAway for a daily massage regimen that'll keep you feeling your best. ❤️🌱

Using Young Living Oils for Kids

Kids Oils Line.jpg

Ok, moms and dads. I know there is a lot of information out there about using oils on your babes. Whether you are brand new or if you've been here with me since the beginning... you want to keep it simple. The goodies pictured below are ones we use most often on our kids. We love them because they're SO easy to use, cost effective and they touch most of our everyday lives. <3 Here's a quick overview.

Seedlings Diaper Rash Cream - Don't limit this to diaper rashes! Any dry, itchy, red skin conditions will benefit from this magical cream.

Copaiba - We use this for any kind of swelling that results from teething, bumps and bruises.

Lavender & Cedarwood - This is what we diffuse in the evenings and use to massage into their legs and feet before bed. Our kids sleep well and we owe it all to a solid routine and these two bottles!

This is where things get CRAZY easy, guys. The KidScents line. Don't know what oils to use for what?! THEY GOT YOU. They literally tell you on the label what to use them for and you just use a little common sense to know where to apply them. Get all in your head about diluting and safety?! THEY GOT YOU. They're pre-diluted and ready to be used right from the bottle for kids aged two and up.

KidScents Owie - We drop this right onto scrapes and ouchies! (I also use this as a daily perfume because it smells that good. 😂🙌

KidScents SniffleEase - When their noses start running... start putting this right on their chest and backs. You can also diffuse this while they sleep or add it to a warm bath so they fall asleep faster while they bodies fight off the yuckies.

KidScents TummyIze - This is like DiGize for kids. When they complain of an uncomfy belly... we massage a few drops in and it isn't long until they are back to normal.

KidScents GeneYus - As the name suggests... this is great for school and behavior. Think above the neck when applying this one. We roll it behind their ears and on their temples during school. You can pack this right in their backpacks so they can use it on their own!

Remember... empower your kids with these tools! Let them apply them on themselves and talk about what they're doing in their bodies when they use them. We're raising up little oilers... kids that care about what's on and around them. That passion is going to serve them well in life!

Hard Cider Bread Recipe

I made this hard cider bread last night for our top leader meeting and it was so good that I just had to share the recipe with you all today! It couldn't be easier to throw together and it uses some great YL products that are so tasty and also help you feel amazing!

3 cups Einkorn Flour
1 tablespoon Baking Powder
1 teaspoon Salt
1/4 cup Honey
4 drops Cinnamon Bark Vitality
2 drops Clove Vitality
1 drop Nutmeg Vitality
12 ounce Bottle Hard Cider or Pumpkin Beer
8 tablespoons Butter

Preheat the oven to 375 and prepare a 9x5 loaf pan with butter or oil. Stir the flour, baking powder, salt, oils and honey together in a medium sized glass bowl. Add the cider or beer and mix just until combined. Pour the batter into the loaf pan and top with the butter. Bake for 35 to 40 minutes and allow to cool. Slice and serve! This can be kept in the fridge for three to five days.

PS - It's also great toasted or used as French toast. YUM!

Hard Cider Bread.jpg