We have taken Young Living’s official Beauty School program and reduced it to twenty easy-to-understand slides and education! This class will help you replace products you are already using to care for your skin with healthier options that’ll reduce the toxic burden on your body. You will love the results you get from beauty products that are infused with plant based ingredients and high quality essential oils!


POST #1 - Welcome!

We are so excited you are choosing to take this class with us today! Beauty School was created to reduce the confusion around skin care and all the products Young Living offers. There is something great for everyone! We also want to encourage you towards REAL beauty and how discovering your confidence can open up a wonderful world of self love and care!

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POST #2 - OverView

The original Beauty School that is taught by Young Living all over the world offers hundreds of slides with its training. We have done our best to deduce it to the bits we believe are most important and most empowering to you!

This is what we hope you understand when you walk away from our Beauty School training!

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In the beginning, women began looking to nature for help with beauty.  They got to discover what worked and what didn’t work.

Over time, the demand for high quality beauty products increased but few were willing to gather the materials on their own or pay more for the “real thing”.  This led companies to create cheaper versions for the masses and this is when synthetic chemicals started to appear in the products we use to care for ourselves, our families and our homes.

Our bodies were made to thrive with exposure to plants… but they were not made to tolerate the over 200 chemicals we put on and around us before 9 AM everyday.

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These chemicals are now in almost all of the modern beauty products we have available to us in stores all over the nation. The EWG estimates that there are over 80,000 synthetic chemicals in the market today. Of those 80,000… only about 250 have been tested for long term safety for humans. They also estimate that only 8 to 12% of what is actually in a product is on the label so we really have no idea what is inside the products we use every day.

The chemicals you see here are found in foundation, blush, eye shadow, mascara, lip stick, deodorant, shampoo, soap, body wash, toothpaste, mouthwash, perfumes, cleansers, toners, lotions, creams, ointments, serums, bath bombs and feminine hygiene products. If we keep purchasing and using products from companies that are not committed to 100% transparency on their labels and purity of the ingredients they are using to make them… we are putting a toxic load on our bodies that it was never created to carry. This will result in disease and you will not be able to do what you are here to do with the health and happiness it requires.

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POST #5 - The Solution

For the sake of efficiency, our bodies are faced with a daily choice.  We have to either process the harmful toxins so we don’t immediately die OR we have to keep our body systems functioning so we stay healthy and happy.  Processing those harmful toxins will win every time as the overwhelming priority.

So when you remove a synthetic chemical from your everyday routine… you are giving your body a break from processing toxins so it can focus on doing what it does best… keeping you happy and healthy.

Essential Oils and Young Living products offer you a very special opportunity. With them… you can get all of the bad out… and all of the good in. They will bring everything that is out of balance in your body and emotions into balance. They will give you the results you want in a clean, natural way.


POST #6 - Our Skin

Our skin is a living thing. It protects our internal organs, regulates our body temperature, allows the sensation of touch/hot/cold, absorbs ointments/creams/serums, prevents germs from entering our bodies and creates water resistance. It’s the largest part of our body and it needs good quality care just like the other parts of our body.

It is made up of three layers and each layer has a different function. All of the layers require love and care daily… and Young Living offers products that target each layer!

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In every other country of the world, getting older is celebrated and seen as an honor and joy… but not in America. In America we have decided that aging is bad and that has changed our experience of it and the results we get as we progress through it in a negative way.

We are living longer than we ever have so we should be happy to be experiencing MORE in life. Wrinkles are an indication that we have LIVED and that is powerful.

True beauty comes from confidence… and that is possible at any age. It comes from within and it will work its way out if we highlight the good we believe about ourselves and about life.

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There is an entire generation of mature women that are confident, strong, empowered and beautiful. Fashion and make-up companies are starting to see the value and beauty in aging… and they are giving mature women a face in the industry by hiring models like Susan Sarandon, Jessica Lang, Julia Roberts and Helen Mirren.

These women are saying… IT IS NOT THE END FOR ME YET. They are not giving up and disappearing or escaping the life they love. You can say that, too.

Do not give up. It is important to protect and care for your skin at EVERY age. Indifference is the opposite of love. Focus on the LOVE and the indifference will go away and you will be inspired to take good care of yourself because you know that will give you the life you deserve.



Did you know that most do not consider fine lines and wrinkles to be the real signs of aging? Characteristics like harsh skin texture, dullness and age spots are found to be far more revealing of old age than wrinkles. This is a good thing, friends… because there is very little we can do about fine lines and wrinkles. Most of that is written into our genetics. However! There is a lot we can do about the signs of aging with confidence, lifestyle choices, environment and natural skin care products.

Let’s learn about what we can do!


POST #10 - Beauty Enemies

The biggest enemy to prolonged youthfulness and beauty is the sun. For most of us… a lot of damage has already been done to our skin by sun exposure but there are lots of products and oils you can use to begin reversing some of that damage and preventing more from happening!

Sugar and processed foods are damaging to our skin because they block the protein and collagen that keeps our skins elasticity. Dehydration causes dry skin which leads to more wrinkles and age spots and constant stress makes our skin dull and uneven.

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Have no fear, friend. Every enemy has an overcomer and here are the seven ways you are going to start giving your skin what it needs to look its best.

Practice deep breathing with essential oils because they will quiet your limbic system and help you process emotions and stress in a healthier way. Essential Oils like Lavender and Cedarwood can also help you get better sleep and your skin needs that to thrive, too. Adding Vitality oils like Lime, Grapefruit, Orange and Lemon to water makes it much more appealing to drink lots of it and oils like Peppermint, Aroma Life, Motivation, En-R-Gee and Deep Relief will encourage you to move your body intentionally everyday.

We will go over the best ways to cleanse and care for your skin externally in a few posts but let’s focus more on beauty from the inside out.

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POST #12 - From the Inside Out

You can “out eat” any supplement and oil so decide right now that you are going to feed your body more real food and less processed food and sugar! It doesn’t have to be all or nothing! Our bodies were absolutely created to enjoy occasional treats… but it also needs nutrition. Use oils like EndoFlex and Slique Essence to support healthier habits as you transition away from foods that do not offer what your body needs. They will make those better choices easier!

We highly recommend you go through a Cleansing Trio, too. The average American has about twelve pounds of fecal matter coating the inside of their intestines. Nutrients are absorbed through the walls of our intestines but if those walls are coated… nothing is going to get through. So do a cleanse two to four times a year to maximize the benefits you get from supplements and good quality food.

NingXia Red is a MUST for good skin. If you are used to taking Biotin for healthy skin and nails… upgrade to Super B! It contains Biotin in the form of 7 as well as other B vitamins that will give you energy. MultiGreens provide chlorophyll which is great for your skin and SulfurZymes provides MSM which will help keep your skin clear and smooth.

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POST #13 - Skin Care Regimen

Now we are going to start diving into some amazing products and education to help you discover which ones are best for you and how you can use them for the best results!

As we said before, Young Living products give you the opportunity to get all the bad out and all of the good in. So we have listed out the ingredients in each of the products that are really special and that speak to the level of quality they will offer you. Young Living has taken over twenty-five years of research on what is available to us in the plant world to put together some incredibly thoughtful product lines that will give you amazing results. These are (better than) boutique quality products for great prices… and they will last you months.

The order you use the products matters. Big time. You always want to start with removing your make-up and then cleansing your skin. After that, you can exfoliate two to three times per week. The next step will be toning so you can restore the pH balance of your skin and heal the (GOOD) damage the exfoliating causes to its surface. After toning, you want to being applying nutrition and hydration to your face from the smallest molecules (essential oils) to the largest molecules (heavier creams). We will also go over some ways you can pamper your skin weekly and monthly!

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POST #14 - Remove Make Up

If you do not remove your make-up everyday, you are going to dull your complexion and you are going to end up with large pores. It’s easy to do with the Mirah Cleansing Oil and you will love how it smells and how it makes your face feel. If you do not want to use this product, simply use a tablespoon of coconut oil (normal skin) or jojoba oil (oily skin) and follow the same instructions above.

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Cleansing should be done every morning and evening for clear and glowing skin. Keep your hair off your face when cleansing with a headband, tie or clip and use luke-warm water to wash and cool water to rinse. Those with normal to oily skin will love our new Orange Blossom line. The aroma is very mild and can definitely be enjoyed by men and teens as well as women. It’s ideal for sensitive skin and is designed to keep skin clear, smooth and bright. The Charcoal Bar Soap can be used several times on areas that are prone to blemishes like the jawline and forehead and can even be kept in the shower to use on the back and chest.

For mature skin, we recommend the ART Cleanser. It is designed to keep skin hydrated with orchid extract. Historically, orchid petals were used to absorb and hold water for a long time so you will love the benefits those provide you in this cleanser. The oils selected for it are very relaxing to the body and face muscles. Relaxed face muscles contribute to prolonged youthfulness! This comes in a foaming dispenser and one pump is all you will need to wash your face and neck.

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Our skin renews on its own every 28 to 56 days… depending on your age. When our skin renews, it looks smoother, younger and brighter so there is a benefit to speeding up that process and shortening the time between renewals. You can do that with regular exfoliation. It removes dead cells to reveal younger looking cells faster to help you achieve and maintain smooth, silky skin.

You only need to exfoliate two or three times a week and don’t forget your neck and chest. Our Satin Mint Scrub smells lovely and is so uplifting and refreshing! It’s very inexpensive and lasts months so it makes a great gift, too!

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Using a cleanser requires the use of a toner… and so does exfoliating! It helps to remove any leftover residue particles and restores your skin’s pH balance. It helps pores to appear smaller and creates the appearance of toned skin. A toner will also prepare your skin to efficiently receive nutrition from essential oils and hydration from plant oils and butters!

The ART Toner is a great ready-to-use option that is gentle and effective. If you want to make your own, try this recipe! Just be sure to use it within two months. DIY products do not contain preservatives and bacteria will start to form in the water… which can make them dangerous to use for long periods of time!


POST #18 - Restoring with Essential Oils

After toning, you have an opportunity to use essential oils on your skin. Essential oils are the steam distilled liquids from the bark, roots, petals, stems and rinds of plants and citrus fruits. They are powerful and each one offers different benefits! You will want to determine your skin type and clarify your beauty goals and start adding to your collection each month so you are armed with the tools you need for your skin to look its best!

You can use essential oils to restore your skin several different ways!

  • For mild oils, simply put a few drops in your hands and massage them right onto your face, neck and chest.

  • For oils that need to be diluted, put a small amount of carrier oil (coconut oil for normal skin, jojoba for oily skin) in the palm of your hand, add in a few drops of essential oils and massage it all into your face, neck and chest.

  • Add your desired essential oils to your favorite moisturizer. We recommend 15 to 20 drops per 1/4 cup of moisturizer for the best results. Having the oils ready to go in your moisturizer makes it easy and is a way to stretch your oils so they last longer.

For OILY skin, the goal is to cleanse and close pores.

  • Tea Tree

  • Bergamot

  • Cedarwood

  • Geranium

  • Lavender

For NORMAL/COMBINATION skin, the goal is to maintain and balance.

  • Lavender

  • Geranium

  • Rose

  • Sandalwood

For DRY/EXTRA DRY skin, the goal is to cool and hydrate.

  • Geranium

  • Neroli

  • Rose

  • Roman Chamomile

  • Myrrh

  • Frankincense

For SENSITIVE skin, the goal is gentle care.

  • Roman Chamomile

  • Lavender

  • Carrot Seed

For MATURE skin, the goal is to nourish and tone.

  • Sandalwood

  • Frankincense

  • Myrrh

  • Rose

  • Lavender

  • Neroli

For TEENS, the goal is to clear and soothe.

  • Tea Tree

  • Wintergreen

  • Manuka

  • Melrose

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POST #19 - Restore with ART Renewal Serum

Oh my goodness… this product is so special. Its main ingredients are oat protein which fill in large pores to smooth the skin and orchid extract which work hard to keep the skin hydrated. It will boost your skin’s radiance like nothing else and you will be so surprised by its lightweight and velvety texture.

This serum also makes a fantastic primer for our Savvy Minerals Make-Up because it gives your skin a beautiful, dewey glow.



Daily hydration is necessary to give your skin the chance to function at peak performance. It also supports its natural elasticity which prevents sagging!

The new Orange Blossom Moisturizer is perfect for normal to oily skin. It has a light aroma and helps to control excess oil and shine. The ART Light Moisturizer is a great option for mature skin because it provides much needed plant based peptides that reduce the appearance of fine lines. Synthetic peptides are some of the main ingredients in most anti-aging creams and they contain long chain amino acids which can lead to muscle breakdown and obesity. No thanks, right?! Nature provided the solution and that is what you will find in this moisturizer.

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POST #21 - Other Moisturizer Options

If you have dry to very dry skin, you will want to invest in a heavier moisturizer option. These are also great to have on hand in the fall and winter because our skin needs more hydration in cold, dry weather.

We have three heavy cream options! So… which one is for you?! It really comes down to which one you like!

  • If you love the smell of Sandalwood… go with the Sandalwood Moisture Cream.

  • If you love the smell of Frankincense… go with the Boswellia Winkle Cream!

  • If you cannot decide between the two and want the benefits of both… go with the ART Intensive Moisturizer.

These can be used as often as needed on the entire face and neck or just on dry spots.

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POST #22 - Refine & Pamper

Do you want to really go the extra mile to care for your skin? Professional facials can cost hundreds of dollars and most use synthetic chemicals and treatments on the skin… but you have options to have the same experience at home with safe products that provide amazing results! These products also give you an opportunity for a fun self care night by yourself or for a fun girls’ night with your best friends!

Our ART Beauty Masques come in boxes of four single use masks. (If you split a box with three other friends… it’s just $12 each!) They are designed to give you the spa experience at home and promote the appearance of vital, radiant skin. They refresh dullness and provide deep hydration.

The ART Creme Masque deeply cleanses and softens the skin. It provides a velvet like skin texture when used weekly! A little goes a long way so apply a dime sized amount to your face and let it sit for about twenty minutes. Remove it with a warm washcloth and enjoy the results!

Sheerlume is SUCH a special product. It’s specifically designed to reverse sun damage and brighten your skin. When studied… women saw significant improvement to the appearance of complexion brightness and a reduced intensity of dark spots. Most skin brighteners (while effective) contain ingredients that cause permanent damage to the skin. Sheerlume gives you all the results you want in a skin brightener with none of the side effects. It’s active ingredient is Mandonna Lilly which offers a brightening effect and Licorice Root Extract which offers a balancing effect. The two come together (with lots of other great ingredients) to create something amazing! Every women should have this in their bathroom! You can use this one daily and a tiny dab is all you need.

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POST #23 - Next Steps

That’s it, friend… you’ve learned everything you need to know about confidence, your skin, the aging process and how to create the beauty you long for on the inside and outside!

We want to encourage you to begin working at this by adding to the pile of good things that help you feel and look your best. As you run out of products you are currently using, replace them with options from Young Living. Incorporate more oils into your everyday routine to help with stress and sleep and to support the healthier choices you are making. Get on some high quality supplements that’ll cleanse and maintain your gut and provide nutrition to your hair, skin and nails. Use and freely enjoy everything you are investing in… and be mindful of the fact that you are choosing products that help instead of harm.

We created a downloadable shopping list for you to help you plan your orders over the next few months! Be sure to use Essential Rewards so you can earn cash back, gifts and freebies while you shop for the things you and your family need!

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