Business Basics Training #5 - Leadership & Duplication

There are about a hundred ways you can complicate this business and work way too hard… but we want to help you avoid those two pitfalls that’ll actually slow your business down instead of steadily moving it forward. Here are some tips to work smarter and not harder and some ways you can empower those under you to own this journey for themselves!

Income producing activities (ipas)

You may be tempted to do so many things to grow your business and your checks and to help bring as many people as possible into Young Living… but only three things are actually going to produce those results.

Not making graphics.

Not scrolling Facebook.

Not fixing up your home office.

Not hosting classes where the same people show up.

Those things aren’t wrong… but they are not income producing things. Let’s break down the three things that matter so you can determine how you want to do them authentically!

Enroll New members

We already went over how to do this in module #3 but we will quickly review it here because it is so, so important. You need to be consistently bringing in new people. Why?

  • It’s a great way to earn more money because of the Starter Kit and Fast Start Bonuses.

  • It brings new energy into your team.

  • It brings new gifts and passions into your team… ones that could shore up weaknesses in you by making your team even stronger.

  • It gives you more potential business builders. Since only 2% of members will reach the rank of Gold and above… you are going to stall quickly if you aren’t out there finding those 2%-ers.

So decide how you want to bring new members in consistently, launch off and keep doing it. You don’t need to enroll ten a month to grow! But set some realistic goals and look for ways to make them happen. If you believe classes are for you… be sure you are hosting at least two or three a month. If you believe one-on-ones are for you… reach out to your potential members and make it a goal to schedule three or four a month. If you want to grow on social media… keep your followers happy by providing real, relevant content and sprinkle Young Living in intentionally.

If you owned a store… you wouldn’t just sit inside and just hope people show up so you can stay open. You’d be out doing all kinds of things to make sure your store is a place people want to spend their time and money, right?! If you run your Young Living business with the same mentality and passion… the sky is the limit.

Encourage er and grow current member orders

Why is this important? OGV, friends! You need to grow your OGV to grow your checks and to rank up. It also means that your members are using and loving their Young Living memberships. When the majority of your team members are ordering monthly and getting freebies… they are changing their lives. It’s that simple and a high ER participation percentage and an increasing OGV prove that it’s happening in your team! Exciting, right?!

We already talked about how to encourage ER with your personally enrolled but let’s go over how to encouage it at your team level and how to increase member orders.

  • Talk about ER. A lot. This sounds so simple… but you’d be surprised how many leaders rarely talk about ER. I post about it at least once a week and I always share my monthly ER Orders with my team. It makes them excited and it encourages them to believe it is totally normal to be in the program and that they are seriously missing out if they aren’t.

  • Offer ER incentives. A great thing to do from time to time to get a boost in ER participation is to offer a small incentive like a drawing for a Reference Guide, fun oil blend or $25 product credit for anyone in your team that joins ER that day. Have them comment on a post or respond to an email about the giveaway and cheer each one on for the step they are taking for themselves and their families!

  • Remind your team to think about their WHY. They ordered a Starter Kit for a good, powerful reason and if it is sitting in a box not being used… they forgot why it was so important to them.

  • The best way to increase current member orders is through consistent inspiration. Posting about what you are doing with oils once a month isn’t going to keep people excited about using theirs. So show up often in ways that are meaningful to you on the platforms you create to communicate with your team.

  • And… education. Post our topical online classes often and educate your team about why Young Living products are safer than anything else on the market. They need a reason to stop buying Tide, Cover Girl and Mrs. Meyers, right?! Tell them why this is so, so important and encourage them to ditch and switch one thing at a time.

An active and engaged team is a happy, growing team. You want a group of people using and loving their oils. It’s contagious! Everyone will want to be a part of what you are doing. So… show up for them with the love that I know is in your heart! Give them the gift of wonderful YOU. They don’t care about you being perfect… they just care about you being there.

Leadership & Duplication

This is my favorite. YOU GUYS. Residual income is so much more powerful than a paycheck. It is when you do the work one time… and earn on it forever. To get to this place in your Young Living business… you need to be always working yourself out of a job. How do you do this?!

  • You need to be showing your people how to grow their businesses in ways that do not require you to always be present. This means taking the time to really get to know each of your builders. What do they want? When do they want it? Why do they want it? What do they want to do to get it? Encourage them in those areas often and celebrate every one of their victories! Follow-up with them often. Remember their birthdays. Take them out for coffee dates. Treat them like the VIPs are and you’ll end up with more of them!

  • Use our team’s exclusive website to save time. Teach your people to do the same. It’s the only thing you need to steward new members, increase current member orders and education someone new about the basics of the business. So take some time to look through all that is available to you and structure your business around it as much as you can. If you are a creative and want to make it your own… use it as inspiration and add your own flair to what is already there!

  • Focus on the three IPAs… 100% of the time. Teach your people to do the same. If you are working with some exhausted leaders… chances are they have lost sight of the simplicity of this business! It is not complicated, friends. Anyone can do this if they want to do this. The IPAs mixed with your unique gifts and passions are what will produce results.

  • And, finally… my most recent (hard learned) lesson. You need to be willing to wait for your 2%-ers. I cannot tell you how many years I have spent dragging people along that say they want something with the income opportunity but then don’t do a dang thing to consistently walk towards what they say they want. Those relationships are very, very hard. You end up feeling abused and exhausted and I do not want you feeling that way. You deserve better. My response to someone that wants to pursue the business now is, “Awesome! Here is some training to get you started. Let me know if you have questions once you review all the info. Enroll some people so you can see how fun and simple it is and I’ll meet you off the starting line once you have launched off. Yay!” You need to see that they really want it and they need to do a little to earn the time you will spend training them to be a good, strong leader.

Ok, rockstar! You are all done with the Business Basics Training. I am so proud of you for giving your dreams and goals this time. You deserve it. Your future deserves it. You do not have to live a settled for life, friend. You get to choose to walk towards the things you want every single day and that is incredibly powerful. Your success isn’t up to me. It isn’t up to your upline. It isn’t up to your downline. It is up to you. Don’t take the easy way out and blame anyone or anything. Own your responsibility for your life and go make something wonderful happen. Don’t give up until you are there! I cannot wait to hear your story!