Business Basics Training #4 - Encouraging Essential Rewards

Did you know that new members are 90% more likely to go inactive if they do not join Essential Rewards within their first six months? This means we need to be really, really excited to get them into ER as soon as possible. It’s truly the difference between wasting $165 on a Starter Kit and investing $165 in a Starter Kit. Let’s learn the best approach to this and how you can make it your own!

the benefits of essential rewards

  • It keeps you inspired to embrace the Young Living lifestyle and to reach the goals you have one step at a time!

  • It is a risk free, zero cost member upgrade.

  • It encourages you to try new things, ditch and switch and restock what you use most each month within your monthly budget.

  • It gives you the option to earn freebies at the 100, 190, 250 and 300 PV order levels. This is the best way to grow your oil collection.

  • It gives you cash back to use on future purchases with levels far higher than any other store credit card or rewards program.

    • 10% Back - Months One to Three

    • 20% Back - Months Four to Twenty Four

    • 25% Back - After Twenty Five Months

  • It gives you gifts at three, six, nine and twelve months for your loyalty to the program.

  • It gives you reduces shipping rates and faster order processing.

The graphics below explain more and can give you an idea of what three months of Essential Rewards could look like for you or a new member.

Essential Rewards-01.jpg

how to encourage essential rewards

It truly starts with what you have decided about Essential Rewards. If you are confident that ER has changed your life and that it will change the lives of the members you are bringing in… that’ll come across to them clearly and they will respond to your enthusiasm. If you are unsure and feel like you are being salesy when you talk about it or if you review it quickly and end with telling them they can just enroll in ER later… that’ll come across to them clearly and they will avoid it. So here are some ways to lean towards confidence and enthusiasm so you can get the results you want and the results that’ll help them the most.

  • Keep it simple. Saying or messaging something like the following to members as they are enrolling can help.

    • While you are ordering your Starter Kit, you have a great opportunity to enroll in our Essential Rewards program to earn cash back and freebies with your first purchase! If you really want to walk towards your goals step by step each month… this is definitely the way to go. You can even add some extra goodies to your Starter Kit to customize it and earn even more. I’d love to help

  • Avoid phrases like auto-ship, commitment, etc. For a new member that has never used oils and isn’t sure if they will even know what to do with their Starter Kit… this is a little scary. Describe it as a rewards program for members that want to make sure they don’t waste their investment in a Starter Kit.

  • Listen for extra products they need as their are talking to you. Maybe they mention that they need more sleep. (Cedarwood) Maybe they mention that they hate they’re using so many toxins everyday. (Thieves ER Kit) Maybe they mention that their hormones are crazy. (Clary Sage & EndoFlex) Just keep your ears open and a wish list handy to remind them what they can add to their order to increase the value of their results and membership.

  • Use our team’s resources! We have a wonderful three month plan worksheet you can download HERE. It’ll help guide your new member through their first three months of ER so they can order products that’ll help them meet their goals!

Here’s the deal, friends. A bottle of Thieves will not change their life. They need to use oils consistently to experience results and we aren’t giving them the best option if we do not let them know the best way to order!


After your members have joined ER… make sure they know how to use it fully with a few simple tips.

  • Show them how to log-in to the VO and change their order online.

  • Remind them that there are always freebies at the 100, 190, 250 and 300 PV order levels. So encourage them to use their ER orders for replacement buying. This means they can buy their cleaners, personal care items, make-up, gifts, supplements AND all their oils from Young Living instead of Target or WalMart. Our rewards are better and our products are safer!

  • Be sure to offer regular topical classes so they are inspired to continue their education. The more they know about what they can do with their oils… the more they will order!

  • If you do not want to teach classes… regularly send them one of the classes from our classes module! Tell them to page through the class online and let you know if they need help incorporating the tips into their everyday life.

  • If they find that they aren’t ordering much because of their budget… encouraging sharing so their orders are covered. They need to spend 100 PV monthly to receive commissions and that is easy to do with enrolling one to two new members a month! There is NO REASON anyone cannot afford these products. That is why Young Living is set-up with this structure. Gary Young wanted everyone to have access to safe, effective products.