Business Basics Training #3 - Enrolling New Members

Figuring out how you want to give people you know and love access to a Young Living membership is one of the most powerful things you will do in this business. It is what fulfills the vision of Young Living, what keeps us growing and what keeps your monthly checks higher than average. It is also how you find other business builders and create a more well rounded team! This training module will teach you how to enroll a new member (it’s so crazy easy) and will help you determine how to authentically share.

HOW TO - Enroll a new member

  • Log into the VO.

  • Click Member Resources.

  • Click Link Builder.

  • Make sure your member number is in the Enroller position. This is also when you can assign a different Sponsor position if you are stacking them in an existing leg.

  • Copy and paste that link into an email, message, text, etc. It’ll automatically put them into your organization and it saves them a few steps!

If you are enrolling in person, you can simply enter your member number as their Enroller and Sponsor on the computer you are using together. If you are in a class situation where several are joining, we recommend using Enrollment Forms that you can enter for them yourself later! Then… just send them a quick email that confirms their log-in credentials so they can track their Starter Kit and place other orders.

You will learn how to get them set-up on Essential Rewards with their PSK order in our next module!


Do you feel overwhelmed about hosting a class? Oh, friend. Do it anyway. Because… it’s so much fun! Just keep it simple so you don’t feel too stressed. Send out some invites (texting works best), gather some people in your living room and serve some Citrus Fresh water. Start your class by asking what each one there hopes to learn. Be sure to cover their needs in your presentation so they are confident that a Starter Kit is going to be an answer for them! Use any of the teaching methods below to share compliant, helpful information about the Young Living lifestyle.

  • You can teach a class from the Product Guide.

  • You can teach a class with our Intro to Young Living PowerPoint Presentation. It’s basically a script you can read word for word.

  • You can teach a class from our Starter Kit Tips web page.

  • You can use your own words and resources.

Feel free to offer a small incentive to those that order Starter Kits at your class. Free shipping, a bottle of Cedarwood or a custom roller are great options and something small will discourage them from waiting. If you want consistent growth… we recommend offering Intro to Young Living classes at the beginning of each month and topical classes towards the end of each month. That way… you can invite all your new members back to your home again in a few weeks so they can learn more! We have several topical classes available HERE or you can come up with one of your own based on the needs of your new members!


I love a good class because of the energy you feel when lots of oilers get together… but one-on-ones are my absolute favorite. There is nothing better than inviting a friend over for coffee with no other agenda except to listen. As they express their goals and needs… I pull products to the table or kitchen island to smell and rub on and it doesn’t take long to open a laptop, get them set up with an account and max out their freebies on Essential Rewards. Making it personal for them is so, so powerful. Are you worried you wouldn’t know enough to be able to help someone? First… you’ll be so surprised about what you actually do know when it starts to spill out of you when prompted. Second… my general rule for one-on-ones is 90% listening and 10% talking. Finally… it’s OK to not have all the answers and to learn WITH people you love and care about most. We are better together!


Sharing how you are using your oils and what they are doing for you and your family on social media is a great way to inspire your friends and family to join you in the journey! Here are a few suggestions to keep in mind when using social media for marketing.

  • Share original content. People follow YOU… not Young Living. Your own photos and words will make the most impact.

  • Try to follow the 1:5 rule with sharing. For every one post about Young Living… be sure to share five about your personal life outside of Young Living. This makes sure your followers see you as more than an oils lady.

  • People will buy from you if they trust you. So show up vulnerable and as your true self if you want to attract the people that’ll work well with you.

  • Be compliant. Be sure you aren’t making health claims or mentioning disease when you share about an oil or product. If you are not sure what you can and cannot say… click HERE to read Sharing Young Living the Right Way.

  • Think about your audience. What do they need right now? What hole can you fill in their lives with an oil or product? Be intentional and post ideas that’ll get people’s attention!

  • Don’t just talk about products… talk about how the products make you feel and how you are using them!

We want your efforts to be fruitful and we believe that these suggestions will help you make the most of social media! When someone comments or reaches out… consider it a one-on-one and read the tips above to make it a successful conversation. Enjoy!


There is truly no right or wrong way to enroll new members… there is only YOUR way! You can rock it through all or some of the ways listed above… or you can create something totally new! Just follow your heart. You know what you want (because you wrote down clear goals in the first module) so allow it to speak and show you how to get there. You may unlock something the world has never seen before but that it so desperately needs… and it could skyrocket your business!


Once you have enrolled a new member… it’s important to take a few steps to make sure they have access to resources that’ll help them use their Starter Kits right away and that’ll help make your job of stewardship a little easier!

  • Add them to the Frank and Valor Hang Out on Facebook so they can participate in our community, ask questions and be the first to hear important announcements.

  • Send them the link to our F&V Members Only site and let them know that the password is frankandvalor. Encourage them to look around and to pay special attention to our Starter Kit Tips class!

  • Check in with them after about ten days. Ask them what oils they have used from their Starter Kits and what they are loving most. Ask them if there is an oil they haven’t used yet so you can help them use it right away. Ask them what is left on their wish list and if they’d like help learning the best way to place their second order. This is also when you can talk to them about ER if they haven’t already joined.

  • Keep them engaged in our Hang Out and educated about ways to use their oils by regularly commenting on posts so they appear in their news-feed when they are scrolling.

  • Be sure they know how to enroll new members. Send them their referral link (you can make it for them in Link Builder with their member number) and tell them that’s what they will send the people that ask them how to get a Starter Kit because they smell so good and have so much energy. If they tell you that they don’t want to do the business… tell them that no one does! Ha! Only 2% of people reach Gold or above but it’s TOTALLY NORMAL to enroll your mom, sister, bestie, coworker and neighbor. They’ll have more fun and be much more successful if they do it with the people they spend time with everyday.

  • After this… it is truly up to you. Just know that the more engaged you are with your new members, the more you both will receive out of your memberships and the compensation plan!