Business Basics Training #1 - Potential. Goals. Why.

We are so happy you are here to start our Business Basics Training courses!

There are a total of five modules and each one will take you five to ten minutes to complete.

These courses are not designed to answer all your questions. They are designed to encourage you to launch off towards your first goal and to encourage you to work with your Enroller to dig deeper. Be sure to reach out to them as questions come up once you’ve left the starting line! There is a lot to learn but the best way to learn it is together as you run towards the desires of your heart.



Above you will see Young Living’s Income Disclosure Statement. You can also click HERE to download and print a PDF edition with a lot more information. It shows you the average income each rank can expect to receive per month and how many hours a week you can expect to work to receive that income. We always start here because it shows you what is possible and because labor laws require us to display this statement whenever we talk about income.


Setting specific, achievable goals is very important. We want to give you some tips on doing that right away. Being vague or unsure about what you really want will not produce results. So many people don’t want to admit that they want to earn income from sharing Young Living… and that’s more than OK. But if you do… getting as clear as possible about what you want will help you get results.

  • Look at the Monthly Income Averages column in the Income Disclosure Statement above. Which rank would be life changing for you? Think about which ones would enable you to get out of debt, to take that dream vacation, to retire, to retire your spouse, to send your kids to college, etc. Allow yourself to dream big!

  • Let’s break up that big rank into smaller chunks. What is the NEXT rank you need to achieve? If you are a Star… that’s Senior Star. If you are a Silver… that’s Gold.

  • Writing down your goals more than doubles your chances of achieving them. So powerful, right?! So let’s write them down using the following format. “I am a __________ by ___________.” Give yourself a target date for the next rank you want to achieve.

  • Write this goal down on several sheets of paper and post them where you will see them often. When I was going for Silver back in 2017, I had it posted on my bathroom mirror, beside my bed and in my kitchen. It helps to see it all day long because it’ll call you up higher when you are tempted to quit or get indifferent about what you really want.

  • Tell someone! This increases your chances of achieving your goal even more. It could be your Enroller, spouse, best friend… anyone you feel comfortable sharing a goal with that you know will encourage you and make sure you are walking towards it everyday.


There are going to be times when you will want to quit. People will tell you no. You may have classes where no one shows up. You may have months where no one seems to pay attention to your posts or respond to your messages. So you need a powerful WHY to carry you through these times… something strong enough to pull you through… to keep you wanting something important… to keep you in the work of figuring this out and sticking with it until you reach your goal.

  • Think about why you want to achieve the next rank.

  • Fantasize about what it will do for you, your ministry, your finances and your purpose in life. Think BIG. There are no limits except the ones we accept for ourselves!

  • Write those things down and post your WHY by your goals.

These are the things you will come back to over and over again, friends. No one else is your answer… YOU ARE. No one else can motivate you… YOUR WHY CAN. You will never reach your goal if you quit so have something really strong to keep you going! Your WHY is important and it will never, ever go away. It matters and you showing up for it matters, too.


This five minute video explains how Frank and Valor’s founder (Ashley Sharp) began her Young Living and sharing journey, how her WHY changed through the years and how she learned to overcome the excuses that threatened to steal the deepest desires of her heart.

We hope her story inspires you to write one of your own!

The next four modules will teach you the basics of the compensation plan and how to discover a sharing style that is authentic to you and that uses your strengths!