Ashley’s Story

Photo by  Dyanna LaMora

Photo by Dyanna LaMora


Hi, there! I am Ashley Sharp. I live in Delaware with my husband and our two children.

I have struggled with endometriosis, unbalanced hormones and ovarian cysts since I was thirteen years old. Every month was painful, emotional and difficult. I had surgeries, procedures and took lots of different medications to try and reduce the symptoms. I endured tons of appointments and tests for years... and nothing seemed to help. After I got married, I was miraculously able to get pregnant, but my problem became staying pregnant. We buried our first and third babies and my pregnancies with both our son and daughter were very challenging. After having our daughter in 2012, I was having a cycle every fourteen days so I was constantly in a lot of pain.  I was exhausted, gained 80 pounds in about eighteen months and was struggling with depression.  I had the life I always wanted... but was often very sad and could barely drag myself out of bed in the mornings.  This experience piled on so much guilt.. which kept me in that cycle for almost two years. Eventually… my husband encouraged me go to the doctor where I was told I had a uterine disease that required either surgery and/or daily hormone injections. The tests alone to confirm which route to take were going to cost thousands of dollars. Since I didn’t feel comfortable with either of those options… it seemed like a waste of time and money. I began praying for another answer because I had tried everything from medicine to (literally hundreds) of supplements, juicing and strict diet changes. I was totally at the end of the road with it all and had no idea what to do.  

A few days later, (my now Enroller) Grace Scott invited me to an essential oils class at a local school where Kristy Yoder would be teaching. I felt a pull to at least go and learn with absolutely no intention of purchasing anything or trying something new. Kristy ended the class with talking about Progessence Plus and how much it had helped support her hormones. It was under $40 for the bottle as a member so I called Anthony and he (reluctantly) said yes. I took a Starter Kit home that night, ordered the Progessence Plus and began using it daily.  I also made a commitment to replace everything in our home with Young Living products as we ran out of what I had been purchasing. I thought I was doing better by choosing products like Mrs. Meyers and Burt’s Bees but quickly learned that these companies were more committed to clever marketing than they were to purity. The toxins in the everyday cleaners and personal care items I had been using were wreaking havoc on my hormones and I wanted to do whatever it took to help.

My cycle was regular within two months of making these changes and using the Progessence Plus. Within three months… I was having very minor cramps for the first time in my life. Within six months… I was sleeping better, thinking better, feeling better and starting to lose weight again. It was incredible. Nothing short of a miracle. No tests. No surgeries. No injections. No medicines that made me so sick I couldn't get off the couch. No time consuming appointments. No unsustainable elimination diets. No mounds of supplements. Just three drops of oil morning and night on various parts of my body and a reduced toxic load from our environment. Everyone in my life noticed the change. It was amazing. 

Since purchasing my Starter Kit in 2015… I am still a very active Young Living member. That decision empowered me and my family to make lots of other great choices for our wellness and we continue to experience incredible results. I am still on a health journey but I can honestly say that it just keeps getting better and better. We founded Frank and Valor (our Young Living community) quickly after joining and have grown to almost 2,000 families. I am blessed to receive messages daily from people whose lives have been changed in big and small ways from these oils.  It’s been the gift that keeps on giving.   

Would you join us? Will you take a chance at this and give yourself and your family the best options to support your health and wellness? If you're ready to learn more about how to get these oils in your home for you and your family, contact the person that sent you my story and get a Starter Kit on its way to your home. You have options, friend.  You are smart and empowered and you deserve to experience the kind of wellness that will allow you to do what you are here to do. Essential oils are a beautiful extension of God’s grace and we are excited for you to experience more of it flowing in your life!