Frank and Valor Mission

We are a group of positive people that are intentional about the products that cross the thresholds of our homes and that are excited about using our Young Living memberships in fun and easy ways!

Are you already a Frank and Valor team member?

You will find lots of resources in the Frank and Valor Hang Out on Facebook! Contact your Enroller and request that they add you to our community where you will find lots of resources to help you love and share your Young Living membership with excitement and confidence!

Are you considering a Young Living membership?

The team you join with matters and we believe Frank and Valor will help you rock your oils journey better than any other! We would love to welcome you to our community by helping you purchase your Starter Kit and giving you access to all our exclusive resources! We’re better together and are so excited for all you are about to experience as you embrace more of what helps your family thrive!